Kipon Leica M-mount lens adapter for Fuji X-Pro1 now shipping

The Kipon Leica M-mount lens adapter for Fuji X-Pro1 is now available for sale on eBay. This adapter, announced few days ago, will let you use Leica M-mount lenses on the Fuji X-Pro1 camera.

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  • gavlister

    How do you focus with this? I know it is done manually, but what are the visual clues to know you are in focus?

    Sounds great but how hard will it be to focus with a 1.4 lens wide open?

    • hexx

      there are few:

      OVF/EVF – both show distance scale and depth of field
      EVF – visually you can see what you’re focusing on since it’s EVF
      EVF – magnification helps you to ‘zoom’ in to precisely focus (if you need that level of precision)

  • Dubious

    Let me understand this: You buy a €1500 body and a €2500 lens and attach the two with a flimsy €30 adapter machined at a former tractor factory in Guangxu Province from recycled aluminium tins.

  • Filbert

    LOL! Had a friend who did something like than with a Red Chinese R-EOS adapter. The 180 Elmarit APO was smashed to a thousand pieces and the mount on her 1D Mk III bent and needed complete replacement. All for bargain of a $20 mount. eBay should have a warning: “Only imbeciles qualify for bidding”. Geez.

    • CHD

      What a moronic comparison….a Leica M mount lens weighs basically nothing….unless you’re one of the 4 people in the world who can afford the Noctilux. If I get a X-Pro1 this adapter will be the next thing on my list.

      • Filbert

        Wont be so funny when the adapter isn’t uniform in flatness and affects the image. Or doesn’t lock well and the lens slips off. But go ahead, Mao’s successors need your yuan,

        • Ron

          It’s been 1.5 years using the Kipon adapter. No issues with half a dozen lenses tried. I also purchases their F one, and stuck some good size lenses, zero issues.

  • John

    You’re overreacting. I bought one last night.

  • Fred

    I’m waiting for the Fujinon version. If it’s focus by wire, not sure how the lens feeds back info to he body, I’ll let Fuji work it out before I go out and spend the cash on an M lens.

    • hexx

      ehmm….. leica lenses are not focus-by-wire

      • Billabong

        But the Fujinon are…

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