New: Leica Pocket Book (8th Edition)

The 8th edition of the Leica Pocket Book is now available and can be purchased from:

From the book's description:

"This Edition includes Leica cameras and lenses introduced since the 7th Edition published in 2002, and incorporates all the information from its predecessors. Again, for the sake of completeness, a brief coverage of the compact cameras produced by other manufactures on behalf of Leica is included. It should be noted that in many cases these do have design input from Leica especially with respect to lenses. Also included is the new S2 Medium Format System"

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    • Looks like it sold . . . that was fast . . .

    • all gone now

      • Daryl

        The time between posts of “in stock” to “all gone now” was 6 minutes and the availability could have been shorter. Maybe the Leica critics should rethink their positions, just saying….to nobody in particular.

        • Harold Ellis

          that you cannot manufacture enough to satisfy demand, does not say anything about your product being successful (as demand can be low, but your production even slower). But it says a lot about bad planing.

          Also keep in mind that whatever leica fans believe, it is not their core business. without P&S lenses and camera sales, they would be already gone.

  • Jim


  • Eric

    Anyone have a valid link or source for a new copy for less than $301.00? This is ridiculous for a newly-pblished, open edition. I think I paid around $30 for my 7th edition less than 10 years ago.

  • Vadim
  • Just like everything else Leica sells…OVERPRICED !!!

  • Daryl
    • Eric

      Thanks! I remember doing business with them at the monthly Buena Park camera shows back in the day. Book ordered.

      • Daryl

        I used to go to Buena Park, great place, and always found the more difficult items. The Leica guys would have new lenses stacked up.

  • Regular

    How does it compare with Puts’ compendium? Is it in correct English or should I wait for the 8++ th edition ? If not, is the enhanced (ie. corrected) e-book version truly going to be sent to the flouted buyers?

    Fool me once…

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