Black enamel Leica MP-126 sold for $158,000 at Tamarkin & Bertoldi Vintage Auctions

At the recent Tamarkin & Bertoldi Vintage Auctions, a black enamel Leica MP-126 with a 50mm Summicron lens sold for $130,000 plus commissions - a total of $158,000. The complete auction results can be found on


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  • dick ranez

    what exactly is an MP-126 and what makes it so special?

  • Drew

    Thanks to Sartorius’ book (which is itself becoming a collectible), I figured out the rarity and the meaning of “126”. There were only 450 MP’s made in 1956-58, serial number 1 through 450 printed on the top, so this is the 126th MP made. 300 were in chrome, 150 in black.

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