Poll: Who is buying the new Leica products?

I am just curious how many readers are planning on buying the newly announced Leica products - this post contains three different polls for the M9-M, X2 and 50mm Cron lens. I did not include the M9-P Hermes limited edition because they will be all sold out anyway.

Leica M Monochrom, 18MP B&W only sensor, $7,950.00:

Leica X2, 24mm f/2.8, APS-C 16.2MP, EVF, $1,995.00:

APO Summicron 50mm f/2 ASPH lens for Leica M rangefinders, $7,195.00:

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  • I have what I need with the M9P and my King of Bokeh 35mm and I love it.
    With this setup my photographs gets more than sharp enough. Only the ISO performance could be better, but maybe I find a cheep old Flash on a flea market…

    Cheers, Dude

  • MTP

    Maybe you should add a “would buy if I could afford” option?

    • Craig

      Or more on point an, “I would buy if wasn’t so ridiculously expensive” option.

  • stefano

    The M9P makes great photos but I think the only useful to some professional photographer. I have a lot of satisfaction with X1 and X2 to consider switching too expensive (around 700 euros according to my dealer returning the X1, which has depreciated) for the features this has compared to the X1.

    • Yadda

      Hmmm. Seems to me that virtually every pro in the world uses SLRs or MF cameras. How exactly is the Leica useful to them?

  • BC

    Do you mean “who’s going to buy one soon” or “who’s going to buy one eventually, probably used?”

    Liking the X2 more now that I’ve spent time with the X Pro 1. The Fuji feels like an empty platic box and has an impossibly bad UI.

  • ErickB

    “The M9P makes great photos” exactly the same than the M9

  • MikeV

    I hope the old 50mmm summicron will be available next year. I have been saving up for it for a long time and hope to get it by next Spring. With the new one I will be saving for another 10 years before I can afford it…

  • brony etr

    id step over my own mother own a m9m, but the price is way out there

    • I think you’re exactly the sort of person Leica stuff is geared towards 🙂

  • James

    Would love to buy the M9-M, I have always wanted a monochrome sensored camera. But unfortunately it is way out of my price range.

    • Price

      In a couple of years it might be good value second hand. There appear to be a lot of used m9 cameras on sale now and prices are dropping. The same might be true for the m9m in a few years

  • John Harvey

    Are these trick questions? On the Summicron question, it did not let me answer “Hell No”, so I choose “no”…hope that’s ok 🙂

  • Ross

    These are spectacular products and certainly will produce great photographic results. However, if you can afford an M9 or M9-P and then are presented with the Monochrom it’s a bit of a stretch. Sell the MP-9? Buy the Monochrom and keep both? Really?

    The Summicron is no doubt an unbelievable lens but it all comes down to the financial ability, useage, professional vs. amateur, etc.

    No doubt these will trade heavily amongst collectors and be snapped up by dealers. The PRC market will be an excellent target for these products as “price is no object”. Of course, many there have never held a camera like a Leica before and will be looking for the AF button but if it’s expensive, it must be the best….in this case ironically, they are right!

    Good luck!

  • I’ll rather spend my money on miles/kms of films and load them into my M2 or M6, rather than buying something that expensive to get that “film look”……..

    • I don’t think Leica’s claiming that this is going to give any film B&W look. For starters, there no one B&W film look.

      It’s a digital camera that takes digital photos that look digital. It’s just designed to take B&W photos which, at least on paper, are better than B&W photos converted from colour digital captures.

      • Robert Falconer

        “on paper” being the operative term. Leica’s are already too expensive without adding an extra degree of esoteric limitation.

        • The M9-M is no limitation. If this was called the M10… now that’s a proper limitation.

          Yes, most Leica gear’s overpriced but the M9-M is a niche product that’s different most things out there. Let them charge whatever they want for it. It’s not getting in the way of the regular digital M series. So what’s your problem if someone else can afford a specialised product that is of no interest to you?

    • J Shin

      I would, too, except they’ve long discontinued Technical Pan, and now Ektachrome… 🙁

      If Ektachrome lived forever, I would not buy a “serious” digital camera until all film cameras die, which won’t happen in my lifetime. I am not sure the M9-M will last until I die, but I know my Century Graphic with Xenotar will; it probably already outlived its first owner.

      • Of course… if your Xenotar’s got the original Compur shutter and it breaks you might effectively have a “dead” lens. To make it live again you’ll have to invest in a Speed Graphic… making your Century Graphic effectively dead.

  • John

    Regardless of the insane prices, if everyone who voted yes up to this point ends up actually buying, Leica will have raked in sales of:

    $1,629,750 on Monochrome M9’s

    $349,125 on X2’s

    $1,410,220 on Summicron’s

    That’s $3,389,095 in sales represented from one blog, on a post that most readers probably haven’t even seen yet. So regardless the price, people are willing to pay it.

    • spam

      Mt thougths exactly. 10% of the readers(or at least the voters) are buying M9M and the 50mm? Seems like incredibly unrealistic numbers to me.

      • I am actually surprised that so many readers will buy the X2.

    • LT

      I couldn’t agree more on this math question. Look at the numbers that will buy the new products, it is huge revenue for Leica. No wander they dare to charge the price.

  • kevin

    Fair enough. There will always be more rich people than the not so rich people.

    And anyway, this is what make Leica stands out. (apart from build quality, optical quality etc.)

  • Leonard

    Leica X2 is disappointing. After more than 3 years, technical performance is very little bit improved. New review is showing that Leica X2 has problems at high ISO (at 3200 too much noise). Aperture is still 2.8 (expected 2 or less).
    May be future (possible) Leica mirror-less.
    In this money there are better options.

  • Oz

    I wouldn’t write off the x2 just yet. Specs sheets don’t say it all. If the AF is half way decent and the image quality is noticeably better than the x1 it could be a great little camera. High ISO is of interest to me so it could very well be on my shopping list if it’s high ISO is up there with the xpro 1. If it is as poor as the post above indicates then it would not be for me. I will wait for the reviews (full ones not previews ) and have a play with it at my local shop before passing judgement.

  • Vince

    Been in photography since 1960’s. Started with a used M3. Latest a M7. Really like the M9, but I’ve now been priced out of Leica products. Use Nikon DSLRs for all my work.

  • Lefse

    If people complain because older lenses will see a price increase on eBay, I understand them.
    But if the complaining in here is mainly about not being able to buy fresh Leica gear – you folks need to look at another brand. Leica has always been ridiculously expensive.

    ….and if they can charge three times as much for a standard 50, they will do so. The demand for their gear is obviously there. Hurtful as it may be, to those who can “only” afford a half-assed M8 to impress their friends.

  • Erickb

    I find 160 ISO too much on the M9 , 320 on a MM = definitively no !

  • Mark

    This is true: I litterally just ran into Lee Friedlander and he was shooting with a Voigtlander Bessa. Couldn’t tell which one, but it was NOT a Leica. 🙂

  • Scott

    I am was looking at getting myself a present to use as a travel camera so I was very interested in the announcement. As a result, I bought a Fuji X-Pro1 a few days ago. I still might end up putting a nice piece of Leica glass on it.

  • Pierre

    Interesting, according to the poll, as of right now Leica can expect over 2 million in m9m sales…

  • ToddH

    Is there a category for “Hell No”?

  • G

    I’ll will wait until Leica realises what Hasselblad took a while to realise re over-pricing…

    Hasselblad today…. “Price misconception has long been the biggest barrier to ownership. Now we have gone even further by substantially reducing prices on six units so that there really has never been a better time to get your hands on a Hasselblad. H4D-31 (incl. 35-90mm lens) is reduced by 3,565 euros; the H4D-50 by 3,000 euros; H4D-60 is down 6,200 euros”

    • BT

      If I was a Hasselblad customer who paid the previous rate for one of those products, I would be pretty pissed.

  • KID

    You forgot to add the fourth:

    1. Yes
    2. No
    3. Maybe
    4. Are you out of your mind!

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