Leica S2 firmware update v1.0.3.3

Leica Camera AG released new firmware update v1.0.3.3 for their S2 medium format camera. The changes in this version are support for the new Leica S-Adapter H and improved flash synchronization with 1/125 focal plane shutter. The firmware can be downloaded from Leica Owner's Area.

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  • Oz

    The s2 looks like a truely awesome camera. I have yet to try one out but I have serious GAS (gear acquisition syndrome ) for this camera. Adding the hasselblad adapter is a clever idea and Leica deserves credit. The only sad thing about the S2 besides the price is the fact it highlights what the now cancelled R10 could have been like. Full frame, Leica R glass better high iso performance compared to the S2 all in a beautifully designed camera body.

    • If Leica had a decent FF sensor they would’ve already put it in the M9.

    • Nobody Special

      Tell that to Leica/Kaufmann – it was his brain-dead idea to screw over the R users and build the S.

      It’s almost as bad as Leica deciding not to build their R cameras with AF – after they invented, or showed the first working SLR sample back in 1978.

      One bad decision deserves another??? Oh well.

  • Oz

    I would have bought a digital R10 with manual focus but an autofocus R10 would have been great. I like the s2’s approach of only one focus spot in the middle. Well it is all academic now. I believe the R10 was going to look like a mini S2.

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