Leica X2 listed for June 6 release

Amazon now lists the Leica X2 with a release date of June 6th, 2012.

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  • thatguy

    The X1 was backordered for months. This will NEVER sell out. Meh. :-/

  • Ernst

    No manual focus ring. You fail, Leica.

    • MJr

      They should just make it manual focus completely, and that is the only thing i would change about Fuji’s X100 as well. But they’re all just too scared to make a difference from the usual crap.

      Hate that the X2 now has that ugly EVF port. Otherwise .. nice upgrade. Love the different leatherettes.

  • porkchop

    In other news Nikon ( a company that makes cameras not overpriced junk ) is rumoured to produce a full frame D600 for less than 2k.

    • aadb

      But maybe we don’t want that dslr stuff when traveling?

      • Yadda

        Dear God, what are you, a fifty pound weakling? My Canon 5D fits in my briefcase with one wide prime such that I barely notice it’s there. It cost $800 used, and is at least as good as any $8000 M Series never mind these hilarious joke compacts.

  • IHUR

    An Elite JUNK

    • Harold Ellis

      there is difference between elite products and fanboy products.
      there is nothing elite on X2.

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