Leitz Park in Wetzlar

Some new images of the upcoming Leitz Park in Wetzlar found on Leica's Facebook page:

The sculpture of the globe is located in front of Leica's new headquarters and has a diameter of 5 meters. The official ribbon cutting ceremony took place June 5, 2012:

Pictured above: Mayor Wolfram Dette, Dr. Andreas Kaufmann, Prime Minister of the State Hesse Jörg-Uwe Hahn, District Chief Executive Wolfgang Schuste.

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  • Ronan

    People: Hey Leica nice cameras… very expensive though… why?
    Leica: We just build a gigantic modern parc, we need the money to pay for it…
    People: What the FUCK?
    Leica: Our giant $150,000 globe statue has a red dot on it…

    • J Shin

      If it didn’t have the red dot, it would be another $50,000. 🙂

    • Regular

      This globe reminds me of the M9 LCD : poor resolution and low contrast.

      I am quite sure this globe is not high-res, definitely less than 230k dots. And a dead pixel.

      • J Shin

        Oh, because of all the graininess, I thought it was film. Darn it. 🙁

  • anon

    haha…yeah…laugh it up you rich bastards

  • Nobody Special

    Oh boy, some news about Leica – they’ve posted new/more images on Facebook….. I’m starting to fa..l…..l …a..s..l…e….e….p……..t..h…e e..x..c..i..t..e..m…e..n…

  • Nobody Special

    Sure seems like the air has gone out of Leica’s balloon since May.

  • tipper

    Jörg Uwe Hahn is not the prime minister of Hessen. He’s the justice minister.

    • Nobody Special

      Maybe he was there to decide the ‘justice’ of Leica’s pricing!!!! Joke, ha, ha…..

  • Daryl

    It’s nice to see Leica is thriving unlike many great camera companies from the past that are no longer making cameras or in business. Rollei, Minolta, Contax (Kyocera) made some real gems. We see revival of these brands from time to time, Alpa has been making exotic cameras for the past several years since it’s previous demise only because of some very dedicated enthusiasts that have invested heavily in their endeavor.

    • Nobody Special

      So, Leica is ‘thriving’ as you put it. That’s an interesting view, because thriving in a business sense usually asks for a longer period of time before that term is used. Too, Leica has had more than one owner in the last 20 years and have not been influential in the imaging market especially in the technology side of things; optics being somewhat of the exception.

      Leica being thriving is yet to be proven even though they (Kaufmann and his Blackstone partners) are investing in an ongoing mystery of product/market/pricing and long term success/stability. Time will tell, but they are still ‘young’ with the new ‘owners’. By the way, those owners are not enthusiasts – but they are wealthy. We’ll see.

      • Daryl

        Look at their quarterly reports. New and exceptional products are being introduced. Inability to keep up with greater demand of products. For this to occur during one of the worst downturns in world economics is quite remarkable.

        • Nobody Special

          Well, I have to respectfully ask; what new and exceptional products? The lenses? Okay, but I said that so what else? The X2, M9M? The S2 – a pumped up DSLR?

          Looking carefully at the profits – most have been on the back of the M digital – which had a very large (and waiting) pent-up base. That had started to be answered before the down-turn, that they didn’t anticipate the M demand can be viewed in a number of ways – which I believe shows Kaufmann’s lack of business experience but $$$$$ loaded pockets that caught them unprepared.

          Though others may be correct that it’s a way for Leica to control pricing and demand. Either way, the limited market of Leica products can also be attributed; those that are affected the least by a down-turn are more likely to have money to spend.

  • Chris

    In the vein of The Onion, this post could be retitled,
    “Costs Triple as Leitz Facility Upgraded to ASPH Design”

    • J Shin

      +1! 🙂

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