New version of LFI iPad app

The new version of the LFI app is out. In addition to reading the current issues of the magazine, you can now also download every issue of the magazine since 2004 for a "special price".

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  • FED4

    When you said “special price” I was expecting something that LFI was famous for. Outrageous subscription prices. Turned to be they are very comparable to other magazines prices, ranging from 1-3USD. I think that is one cool photography magazine!

  • Design & Content: A+

    Speed, Usability & Stabilty : C

    I love the new design and content but it has been slow to use. I have the first IPad incarnation so it may be much better on the later models. While I love being able to buy any LFI magazine I was hoping they would offer subscribers access to the magazines they already own hard copies of. Very nice to see LFI staying on top of their online media.

  • Chris

    I downloaded the latest version of the Itunes App store and can’t see how to get a subscription or get all the past issues in a bundle price, only individual issues. It is also extremely slow and buggy!

  • Figueredo

    If you are a real LEICA photographier you must not complain about slow performance: LEICA photographers have time………..

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