Leica Camera’s stock is up 180%

Update: it seems that this was a glitch in the system because e price is back to normal now.

Leica Cameras's stock (LCA1) jumped over 180% in the past few days. Since the company stock is not publicly traded, my understanding is that its price is calculated based on the value of the company - maybe somebody with financial background can elaborate. Could this just be a bug in the stock tracking system?

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  • I don’t know where you got the data.
    The stock improved for about 10%, since leica camera ag announced there dividend for this business year.

  • That must’ve been a glitch. Leica’s stock is currently at ~ 33 €, which is a slight rise over the ~ 30-31 € it was at during the months before.

  • regular

    The share value reported by Yahoo is based on a very low volume of exchanged shares. The shares are sold at about 30-33 euros.

    Each transaction is 100 or 200 shares being sold, whereas there are 16.5 Million shares. So I suppose those small transactions are stock options exercised by Leica employees.

  • Fritz

    Why do you think it should be a bug? Did Leica write the software themselves?

    • the graph is now back to normal – it was a Yahoo bug

  • Mistral75

    By the way, the company is still listed and its shares publicly traded. Nevertheless, the so-called “free float” is very limited.

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