Is this the Leica M10?


I received those pictures from a reader of what appears to be a new Leica M body with a larger screen (M10 maybe?) - you can see that the screen is almost to the level of the viewfinders. There also appears to be a different button selector to the right of the screen. For comparison, here is a picture of the M8:



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  • Nice!!!

    • Helmut


      what i would like to kow is:
      is there a chance to get a bigger viewer on the leica viewfinder camera.
      i prefer working with a hasselblad camera, the viewer is bigger and brighter compared to my canon camera. this is of course a great advantage.

      best regards,


  • Davo

    Is that an electronic accessory port under the hotshoe?

    • I thought the same. It makes sense, since the X2 can use an EVF… with that you would get rid of any parallax error if it’s necessary and probably it’s easier for Leica to use that solution than creating a hybrid finder like the one on the Fuji X100

      • Nobody Special

        Certainly could be and if so, as you say, no more paralax error or at least, no need to use the external wide angle finder. Too, if so, it may enable the use of R lenses via an adapter.

        I’d like to say that the finder glass seems to be the same size and style. It would be nice to see a bigger easier to use finder eyepiece. Still, IF this is the M10, it will be interesting to see how they’ve tackled the processor/software/speed issues, using the same basic form factor; which I would rather see changed into a more ergonomic design. But hey – who knows??? A month and a half or so ’til Photokina.

        • J Shin

          If this has a good EVF, that would explain why they are not in a rush to put out the rangefinder-less version. Best of both worlds, with a price tag to match. 😐

    • Fritz

      Not an accessory port but a safety valve for the excess hot air when they pumped it up to this size.

    • jeff

      Open port? Well, if this is an M10 prototype, there goes any hope for better weather sealing.

      • Alan

        The Olympus omd has an evf port too and it is weather sealed.

      • M lens and mount are not weather sealed and will never be, so why would the body? Weather sealing means using materials that will shorten the lifetime of the products.

  • Paul

    Yup, thats it !

  • that_guy

    No. Not until I sell my M9.
    Or until Leica offers an upgrade program to the M10.

  • The guy’s holding the camera as if it has AF… or at least live view

    • Sahaja

      If it has a port for an EVF attachment it will have Live View.

    • LOL

    • Oh I’m very sorry madame. You have beautiful and petite hands 🙂

  • David Lewis

    A grainy, tiny pic of the hands of someone who does not know how to hold a camera. Definitely secret squirrel stuff!

  • Fritz

    It’s the Mamiya M8 digital medium format rangefinder! Have you seen the size of the body? Have you seen the lens?

  • Max

    Can’t we get a RAW-Machine? No screen and no JPG-engine, just a camera to get the RAW-data and process all the rest on the computer. This would be the most purist.

    I wonder why this has not happened yet?

    • pooh

      Because no one would buy it, for the $8,000 price tag it’s going to charge.

      Those who do well selling cameras under $1,000 won’t bother with it, since even if the did, less than 0.01% of the photog population will be interested, less will actually buy one.

    • Purist would be if you shoot with a pinhole camera and film.

    • freakout

      and no menus – just two dials for shutterspeed and iso. like any analog camera. an evf and exchangeable sensor/mount-module (not sensor/lens like ricoh gxr). 10meg/nikon-f for low-light, 16meg/canon-ef for sports, 24meg/leica-m for landscape, …) and complete silent electronic shutter with flash-sync up to 1/16000. No Market for this?

    • leicadude

      Because you can already do that. There’s an option in the menu to shoot just DNG. Try it, you’ll be amazed 😉

    • Fagix

      >No screen
      A dream digital M


    It seems fake, or maybe they reduced the size of the camera. I’m holding my M8 in that position and there’s no way my thumbs to be that closer.
    I can see 6 buttons on the left hand side of the lcd and one above. There’s some letters under the hotshoe, maybe for plugin in some electronics.
    Where’s the exposure rotating wheel?
    The way that guy is holding a camera seems like he is taking a shot in live view mode.

  • John

    I dont think its a fake. Only two months until photokina. It would make sense to see one out in “the wild.” Start selling your M9-Ps so I can buy one

    : )

    • the image is not fake – I had to crop it in order not to reveal the location

  • Huggs

    Does the cam look bigger or does the person has small hands. Also, that’s a cool looking lens on it-very minimalistic. The temptation to buy one of these expensive tools grows stronger. Kind of like buying the $60 hammer I saw at the hardware store.

  • alpha

    Anyone notice the unusual lens? Looks like a AF lens.

    • EnPassant

      How can you beleive that based on such a small and low resolution photo?

      The only current Leica lenses having such a narrow aperture ring are Summarit 35 and 50/2.5. They are both quite small

    • Goog point, I did not pay attention to the lens.

  • h

    this is THE BEST rumor from this site in a while!

    • They have been also some good leaks/rumors in the past – M9T, M9P, etc.

  • EnPassant

    Some of my predictions for the M10 from October 9 2011 in Leicarumors:

    “How then could a M10 look like? Well, first of all it will have a new sensor. With the troubles Kodak have, even though it is not unlikely someone buys their sensor production, it would be wise to find a more stable sensor provider…”

    “The M10 would have the same rangefinder we are used to.”

    “The screen on back will have much improved resolution but may not be so much bigger because of the construction of the camera. It will however have live-view and some kind of assist for focusing. There will also be possible to attach an EVF in the hotshoe plugging into a port just below where the syncterminal(s) used to be. Although the built in EVF in Fujifilm’s X100 is very nice I guess it is not possible to build into Leica because of lack of space and patents…”

    “I am sure we will see a M10 in same style as M9, just little more refined and updated…”
    “I do expect some smaller changes in design to differ it from M9 and M8, but bodyshape will stay the same…”

    I’m confident my expectations 9 months ago will for the M10 will be very close to what Leica will present at Photokina in September!
    For now we already know Kodak sold their sensor production. I expect to put a check for all my other predictions as well!

    Now we just have to wait to see what on my wishlist/speculation also will be true:

    “…in the finder we also may see a focus confirmation dot…”

    “It may also… …have the possibility to record video!”

    “we will see if they will do something about the impractical removable bottomplate. One could also dream about sensorcleaning, which all modern cameras soon will have, and sensorbased imagestabilisation. But propably we will have to look in the sky for that, at least the latter. Better weathersealing would also be nice, considering Leica is nowdays not the all mechanical camera it used to be…”

    A notable thing is that with an external EVF Leica M10 will be the first full frame mirrorless camera that can show focus for and adapt almost every 35 mm SLR lens from the past. It will be the first practical useable 35 mm Frankenkamera! Albeit at a price! But I am sure producers of lensadapters will take notice!

    I already see almost unused M9s selling for close to half new price. Everybody with eyes know the M10 will come this year. Most rich guys will then, if not already, offload their old M9 and buy the M10. This time also those with a lot of old 35 mm lenses (and cash!) not possible to adapt to any current full frame camera will also buy the M10. And Leica will make another record profit the coming two years!
    Hopefully that will open the eyes of Sony (NEX-9 FF?) or Ricoh/Pentax (GXR FF M-module?)!

    • alpha

      Yeah it’s a shame no one make a full frame 35mm mirrorless camera other than Leica.

  • Radek

    This is a new Mastepiece edition of M9. No M10.

  • Camaman


  • Camaman

    The way camera is being held in that picture suggests that it does have live view.
    That also looks like a n Olympus accessory port, so good news there too. Sorta…

    Now in comes a D800E sensor… 😛

  • docphoto

    hell that was one of the bloody best comments i ever read here! thank you for making my day! ^^

  • funny that they would release an M10 to people that don’t know how to hold a camera. if true then the only explanation i can think of is that leica is widening their test audience. i do think that if things change a lot. and neither the market ( us) nor the technology is ready to make it a satisfactory succesor to the M9, we could see a 21 st century M5 fiasco. we want leica to improve their viewfinder system and implement autofocus on a product that has essentially been the same for the last 50+ years. so if this is true let’s take good care of our M9 s and let the M10 go thru it’s teething problems. much like porsche has had to go thru them over the years when it implemented new technologies and compete with the market at a lower price range. and remember they share the same philosophy.

    • It may likely be if image is real just a snap shot from a camera phone at a no-photo allowed event, that could just be some executive or press person holding it. A reporter I work with was assigned to cover a commission ceremony of a new submarine. He snap picture of me sitting in a chair on bridge while resting for a few minutes. This does not mean I’m submarine captain, torpedo launcher guy, or whoever sits at that station. Same can be said for random snapshot of person holding or examining camera.

      • true! but i also meant the first comment with some sarcasm for that possibility as an option.

      • This picture was taken at a place that is linked to Leica. The person that was holding the camera is also linked to Leica. This is not a random shot on the street.

        • Fritz

          I thought I recognise the hands.

  • JackMacD

    You will win the prize for forecasting.
    An external EVF is clearly the solution for Leica. Built in EVF in not.
    This is also clearly the path for use of R lenses.

    But if an M9 user does not need more resolution or live view or higher ISO, the M10 will not be the step jump in demand we saw when the M9 gave us full frame use of our lenses versus the M8. As i understand it, the majority of buyers of the M9 were new to the rangefinder. To keep new users coming in, the M10 is required.

    What might be additionally desired is some form of extra focus confirmation thanks to contrast detection associated with live view in the EVF. There are older but wealthy eyes out there who have difficulty confirming focus with a rangefinder patch on a 50mm. I do not see autofocus lenses coming as the added size on a lens is an issue.

    • Excellent posts, EnPassant and JackMacD.

      The M9 successor targets non-Leica users.

      Too many new gimmicks will upset the loyal crowd, so it’s a save bet that Leica updates the obvious (sensor, processing speed, LCD) while adding one or maximum two new features.

      Some sort of focus assist?

      Have to agree it looks like an S2 miniature AF lens though…

      Whatever Solms and soon Wetzlar launches, it will be greeted with unrestricted praise. That’s right, Leica has become that clever.

      IQ wise? Not expecting a major jump, marginally better ISO and DR. So the more classic M9s might keep nice value.

      Remember, Leica’s about to switch to CMOS. There’s someting to those CCD though…

    • It will be interesting to see if Leica will keep the M9 in production after the M10 is announced.

      • Huggs

        If the body style and size different they will. My theory is the M9 Mono was less about innovation and more about using up old part supplies.

      • Ozbaz

        I wonder if they will have two M10s
        (1) a simpler M10 (?M10P) for the purists much like an uprated M9. That is no video, live view etc to satisfy the purists
        (2) an M10 with all the new (to Leica) features.

  • alban

    It must be the Hermes Edition,comes with hands

  • etr brony

    looks like live view is coming, great rumor

    • yes, live view and video are coming to the M10

      • Ke

        There’s going to be a lot of people complaining about video on Leica’s.

        Which is a bit daft, but hey.

      • R!

        Live view and Video ,finally I’ll get one I just can’t stand telemetric viewfinder in the 21st century,I ‘m glad I waited,I ‘m still waiting on a R10 with AF,damn!!!!!!!!!!the LCD better be 920 000 dots at least and maybe 3inch”lcd ‘ll be good also)!!!!!!!!

  • Jukka Watanen

    It looks perfectly same size as my M8… Funny rumor, really !

  • Bryan Campbell

    Live view is especially useful for focal lengths without frame lines like the 40mm Summicron-C, 60mm hexanon, 85 zeiss. Also nice for landscape shooters

    • LT

      Not just that, I think all R lenses can be alive again. Maybe R lenses price will increase, but M lenses will go south if the LV is very capable.

  • We are in the middle of the “season of the sour prickles” which is the phrase for the “dead time” for the journalists i.e. when they have nothing to write about and then try to invent the stories.

  • M.M

    Sorry guys, this is a new point and shoot Leica, based in old Digilux series…

    • Huggs

      This could be the camera that sits between the x1 & m9 as promised.

      • I think the camera is too big to be their new mirrorless solution.

  • meyer

    Hopefully, Leica does not ruin this with all the unnecessary features.

  • Marco

    You are such a loser catering to idiots. Why do you even post this site? No one cares.

    These photos are the equivolent of Big Foot photos.

  • Chris

    Please, no live view or EVF. It’s a “rangefinder”. Don’t try to make it more complex than needed. I want three things, and no more.
    -a higher quality, faster LCD
    -a better chip and if a CMOS, will the true quality of the superb lenses be muted by a CMOS tendency to be softer before sharpening is applied?
    -a PC cord socket! I’m sure most shooters using the M’s don’t care, but not having this feature makes the M9 less capable as a truly professional camera for many of my needs.

    • Denis

      The LV is far easier to implement than rangefinder. It is very helpful for precise framing, for precise and predictable metering, no need for additional viewfinders, etc.

    • The LV and the EVF will be an option that you may choose not to use. I think this is a smart move by Leica.

  • Chris

    And terribly inaccurate when trying to focus accurately at 1.4 or f1 in low light. No rangefinder on an M? Live view?? I got into the M system because I hate what I see in the XPro-1 viewfinder system. Don’t go there!

    • Ke

      Of course they’ll be a rangefinder. Where did you get that idea?

      • Chris

        Denis said earlier today: “The LV is far easier to implement than rangefinder.”

        Just replying to his comment. LV may be easier to implement, but no where near as accurate to focus wide open, in my opinion. I am much more accurate and faster focusing a Leica RF lens wide open, than any AF lens (DSLR primes), wide open; on AF or manual, especially in low light.

        • Денис

          Faster? May be.
          More accurate than magnified view? Definitely no, the LV is the only method to focus where you need with guarantee.

  • Nobody Special

    If they have all the fancy-schmancy features like live view, accessory evf, etc., on aM10, it will still be a rangefinder – but Leica would be s t e w p u d to drop a more basic M9 when there is clearly a market for both. But it would also be a bit goofy to keep offering the M9 with it’s older software, so perhaps they’ll upgrade the software and make it an M9.2 AND still bring the M10.

    After so much speculation, rumors, and comments from Leica it’s all getting a bit tiresome – just bring it out already….Photokina can’t happen soon enough.

  • I love the idea of EVF and live view. Although, I don’t think this is necessary. What I really hope is higher ISO and high quality LCD screen.
    Leica Rumors- this is simply one of the coolest leaks you landed.

  • Looks to me like the M is killing itself with technology.

    • Chris

      I agree with Mikael. Why does technology have to be “the-latest-and-the-greatest” to be good. It takes technological precision (old school or not) to build an accurate rangefinder. If you utilize the base features of the M that make it unique,the camera will reward you with the sharpest most accurately-focused image files possible. With that thought in-mind, live view on a rangefinder doesn’t make sense. It’s a crutch in my opinion. Video? Leica has their point-and-shoots for that amateur-centric feature. Canon owns the Pro video dslr arena, with Nikon getting closer. That’s a battle Leica would never win.

      • AB

        What makes you think features such as live view and video in the M10 will be the best and greatest? The Leica M10 needs these features just to remain relevant in the marketplace. Old Leica owners coming from the pre-digital days may see these features as superfluous. But new customers certainly see these features as welcoming additions to an otherwise anachronistic dinosaur.

        • Chris

          Hello AB. I respectfully disagree. Before April of this year, I was (and am still) a big Canon shooter (DSMKIII, 7D, 30D) and a host of lenses. I purposely chose to not get into the fast Canon primes, instead choosing to get into the M9, and 3 lenses. Shooting wide-open I’m much faster, more accurate and get higher quality with the M, versus the Canon focusing AF or manual with the AF lenses. So what you’re calling anachronistic, I’m calling a competitive advantage, and I make money with my camera’s so it was a huge risk/investment for me to get into the M at this late stage in my career (I’m 58).

          The M is such a niche’ market product, I don’t think it needs the bells-and-whistles to remain relevant. Better chip, faster processor and lcd yes, but the other things I don’t feel are necessary.

          Great postings and banter!

    • El Aura

      I don’t get it. What harm does LV do? Apart from making the Leica M owners feel less special?
      It is like those people that condemned auto-exposure or matrix metering. Adding auto-exposure modes does NOT make it more difficult to use a camera in manual mode but it makes the camera more versatile. The same is true for LV. How do you focus off-center with a rangefinder? Right you cannot do so (accurately, as focus & recompose adds errors).

      • Chris

        -LV will add complexity and reduce battery life. I don’t know of any LV system that will assist in achieving accurate focus in low light with a lens wide open.
        -I don’t consider myself to be “special” because I invested in this system. I consider it a competitive advantage.
        -By the time you adjust your AF focus point to adjust for an off-center subject and AE compensation setting on a DSLR, my shot is done and I’m on to the next view. I don’t consider that DSLR versatility. I call it unnecessary complexity. I still need my DSLR’s for lots of my shooting, but your arguments don’t wash with my experience using the rangefinder and DSLR. The two systems compliment each other for varying applications.

  • Thanks

    love reading all the posts on LeicaRumors and NR. As others have said, this is a great post, and I cannot wait for Photokina for all the new stuff that will hopefully be announced. Thanks for keeping up this awesome site admin!
    btw, I’m an American checking daily from Chongqing, China

  • Gary

    Does anyone notice the plate on the top left of the camera? It appears as if it’s meant to hide both the top and front of the camera for any special identifying markers… That’s the M10.

  • Pablo

    Things to consider and observe:

    Could be be the new / a new R10 that accommodates R lenses ?

    It’s surely a Leica because of the red dot

    Strap eyelets on the side spell Leica

    The Leica photographer is standing in a parking lot. Note the passenger rear door
    handle and the smoked tail light of a car and the driver side front door mirror. Was the photographer that took these pictures inside an auto in the same parking lot ? (Spying) ???

    A woman is holding the camera

    The lens does not look like an M-lens – Looks too plain – a new lens line for this model ?

    What is that light reflection at the bottom of the 1st photo ? Note the horizontal line
    too. Ever taken a picture of a TV or computer screen ? See how the line at the bottom
    has appeared ?

    None of this matters, except… It’s gonna cost you $1oK – easy – watch and see. Great ! Now the M9 price can fall from $7k to $6,975

  • Fritz

    How about this is a dedicated video-Leica supplying the advantages of the rangefinder to the filming folks? Follow focus wide open, viewfinder independent from the set aperture, smallest possible body – for a serious video thing. Think of it a “Wenders Leica”. And it would be a nice Cannes-show-off for those who have heavily invested in the Leica Cine lenses. (Although they do not fit to that body, of course.)

  • Why in this day and age is the photo like the one of Bigfoot ….. That s like the lowest res camera working today…

  • Dariel Palacol

    Rumor or not, I like this blog from Leica N & R. I have set aside some $$$ for this new Leica M10. I am sure Leica is listening and will fulfill some of our wishes like higher ISO setting, live view, high quality LCD etc.

  • I don`t need any crazy-high ISO.. Give me refurbished M9

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