Panasonic LX7 leak gives hints on the Leica D-Lux 6

The current LX5 and D-Lux 5 cameras

Some of the leaked details on the Panasonic LX7 provide a hint on the specs of the upcoming Leica D-Lux 6 compact camera (quote from Telegraph UK, page is now removed):

"Also launched is the DMC-LX7 and DMC-FZ200. The former is a top of the line compact camera with a fast f1.4 Leica lens, 10.1 megapixel Mos sensor and 3-inch screen.

The LX7 is designed for those who want to get more out of a compact camera, incorporating things like full manual control as well as decent low light photography thanks to the fast lens, Venus VII picture engine and 12,800 ISO capability. The LX7 can also capture full HD 1080p video. The LX7 will be released in September but Panasonic has yet to confirm the price."

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  • The lens sounds nice…

  • J Shin

    mirrorlessrumors has a leaked photo showing 1.4-2.3/4.7-17.7. If the focal lengths are still 24-90, then the sensor is slightly smaller than the LX5. Looks like they shrank the sensor to squeeze a faster lens in without needing a larger body.

    Hmmm… Would you prefer RX100 with 1″ sensor and 1.8-4.9/29-105 lens without hotshoe? LX7 is likely cheaper, and has a hotshoe. I think I am leaning toward the LX7. Faster lens at telephoto side is more useful to me than high ISO performance.

    • Harold Ellis

      why? bigger sensor is always better. faster lens is good, but when your high iso performance is hurt by smaller sensor, it is just barely a crotch to fix it

  • Jumbo

    Announcement of LX7 is now official. Leica will almost certainly follow suit with their branded version of the same camera, at a far higher price once again (although with added software and warranty and tweaked outer shell).

    While this could be a nice small, point n shoot for some mainstream users, it feels very disappointing for enthusiasts due to the slightly smaller sensor versus the LX5. The new mirror less offerings ranging from APS sensors through micro 4/3, and even smaller, seem better choices if you can live with what amounts to a slightly larger package.

    I had the LX3 years ago, and never enjoyed the fiddly controls and obvious limitations of using such a small sensor. The LX7 is no doubt a superior camera, but appears to face many of the same limitations. Too little, too late, versus the competition. Will not entertain this model or it’s likely Leica counterpart.

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