Leica S-Adapter H now shipping in the United States

The Leica S-Adapter H has started shipping in small quantities in the US.

"If you’re an S2 owner and want to expand your lens lineup, Hasselblad does make many more affordable lenses. If you plan on stopping the lenses down for your work (which many studio photographers will do) then I encourage you to save some money and spring for the Hassy lenses to obtain more than enough sharpness.

If you plan on shooting wide open often the way that many documentarians and natural light photographers want to because of how much they enjoy the look of medium format, then you’d be shooting yourself in the foot by not biting the bullet and going for the Leica lenses."

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  • Terri

    I’ll stick with my Hassie, thank you very much.

  • ToddH

    $2,000 for an ADAPTER?!?!?!? smh…

  • Al

    The main use for the adapter was to have a leaf shutter with high speed sync. He tested this adapter at a Profoto strobe event and did not even test the leaf shutter capabilities with strobes! Waste of a review.

    • Daryl

      re: no leaf shutter test

      He did say that he was limited to 1/125 sec and he was shooting outside, it appears he is not aware of the leaf shutter in the Hasselblad lens. His other point was less costly Hasselblad lenses to save on cost of Leica lenses but in reality Fuji lenses are not in the same league as either Zeiss or Leica.

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