Almost all Leica M lenses now in stock

Many Leica M lenses are currently in stock:

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  • DimaK

    Wow – all the complainers about lens shortages – time to show your $$$.

    • Indeed! Where are these complainers now that their complains have been answered?

      • regular

        When you have paid some money in advance to your local shop, you can not switch that easily to B&H or Adorama just because they have some lens in stocks.
        Additionally, I prefer to support local shop, which also does CLA on my cameras.

        Anyway, I am waiting for my 50lux ASPH since last Feb.

        • Banksie

          I got a 50 Summilux in February of this year from my local shop. I wasn’t on a list or anything like that (no deposit, etc..) I was told that the relationship the store has with their regional Leica rep is pretty important. My local shop owner is in good with his current rep, and has been in the business for decades. He claims that makes a difference (i.e., his long time relationship with Leica NJ) Maybe it’s true, who knows (?)

      • Robert

        Where are complainers now? Well, here is one. Ordered my 75mm cron asph almost 15 months ago and my dealer told me that with the amount they have been getting from Leica and the waiting list it’s going to take a few more YEARS before I can expect one.

        • rich in tx

          um.. cancel it and order from above link?
          how about ask for ETA prior to ordering?
          If you did, then dont complain.

          • Robert

            B&H has no 75mm f2 asph either. I have asked several dealers for an ETA and none could give me even the slightest hint. The general thought was “a couple of months” but the waiting list is so long and Leica makes so few of the 75 F2 and 90 f2 that it turned out to take a few years to get one.

        • ProtoWhalePig

          Fifteen months in and a few more years to go? What’s the point in even considering this “purchase” at this point?

          • Robert

            If I had known this before I wouldn’t. This is the news I recently got directly from the distributor, not from the dealer. They haven’t seen a single 75 cron for the past 12 months so no dealer has anything to ship.
            I’m not going to cancel my order, because I don’t want to give up my spot in the queue and ultimately this is the lens I really want. To bridge the “gap” I am considering to order a 75 summarit, new or second hand.

        • Banksie

          I got mine right before the price increase (December?) and there was no waiting. btw, I’ve since sold it. I found myself rarely using it. The 50mm on the M is as long as I need and those frame lines are great. The 75mm frame lines are pretty tight (I had the 75 lines masked out on one of my M6 bodies to keep the finder clutter minimal.)

          Longer focal lengths and the M just don’t personally work for me, I guess. A DSLR with 85/105/135 works better for me for any portrait type applications (and the ability to judge DOF easily.)

  • Noctilux is gone already… dammit! 🙂

  • recession is coming. leica cameras are in stock

    • Um, I though we’ve been in a recession since the fall of 2008 . . . another reason (in addition to what I suggested below) is also because the M9 is almost three years old so most people who own the camera has by now gotten their hands on a lens or two.

      • regular

        And people wants to know where the futures lies in, and they may be waiting for Fotokina 2012 before spending hefty amount of money.

        The M10 will certainly be very expensive (thank you Blackstone!), new lenses are to be announced. Wait & see. Hold you breath, and your wallet.

  • The Summilux 35mm ASPH FLE and the Summicron 90mm ASPH are probably the least available lens these days. This influx of lens delivery is consistent with 1) Germany’s upcoming August vacation period when the factories will be shut down, 2) in advance of shipment of the new camera bodies (the M9-M, in particular), and 3) the announcement of a new camera (the M10). This is basically what happened in the last few years since 2009 anyway. Once the M9-M start to circulate and the M10 is announced, I would not be suprised to see the lens g on back order again. Although Leica is opening a new factory (noe scheduled for 2013), my understanding from my conversation with them is that there will be some production interruptions during the transition period and the new factory will not necessarily increase production capacity to the lenses because the weakest link in the lens production is not the lens assembly, but the making of the glass (which, as of now, has only a 60% yield rate because of how picky Leica is with their glass).

    • Nobody Special

      Good points…..and remember, Leica does not make all of the glass used in their lenses, but the glass made to order is often to their specifc formulas.

    • Banksie

      Yeah, I agree. David made a good synopsis of what’s going on. And three key issues of: 1) August shut down 2) new factory transition 3) glass orders/grinding (I don’t believe that they make any glass at all?)

      As far as the cameras themselves, I believe they will still primarily be built in Portugal. So I assume that should help alleviate camera production hiccups with the M9-M and whatever is announced at Photokina.

  • great but too expensive for my pocket

  • regular

    I have just discovered one of the most ridiculous Limited edition of a M camera : Leica M6 “Einstuck” edition.

    It is a series of 996 kit of a M6 body, and its 35/2 ASPH lens. The body is engraved with what is supposed to represent a Leica stockshare! The black leatherette is made of veal (looks like ostrich skin).
    In the box (made of precious wood), there is a also an actual Leica share (1986 value : 5 deutsch mark), signed by Salgado himself.

    Oh man, this makes you look good on Wall Street!

    • Never heard of this one – do they actually give you one share of the company? They should.

      • Banksie

        Yes, you did get one share. They made 996 in September 1996 to celebrate Leica AG going public and entering into the stock exchange (IPO on the Frankfort Stock Exchange) on 9/96.

        But it was a Summilux 35 1.4 ASPH that came with it (and matching serial numbers for the lens and body), and it wasn’t “veal” but a leatherette covering with tiny embossed Leica logos. Those embossed logos might make it like the Titanium ostrich skin covering, but it’s non-natural leatherette with machine embossing.

        Serial numbers were 230001 to 2300996. 2300000 is in the Leica Museum.

        The share was not signed by Salgado but instead by Klaus-Dieter Hofmann and Wolfgang Muller. There was however a small card of authenticity signed by Salgado.

  • Hope that one day I could get my hands on 50mm 0.95. Damn. That lens is monster

  • Nathan

    Where the heck are all those fast lenses that this company used to have, like the 35mm f/1.4 and the 75 f/1.4?

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