Leica US offers up to $1,000 discount for Leica M9 and M9-P cameras

This is something you don't see every day: Leica Camera USA announced a promotion where buyers of a new Leica M9 and M9-P cameras can get up to $1,000 gift card that can be applied to the purchase price of the camera. Here are the details from Dale Photo & Digtial:

$500 Instant Gift Card with the purchase of a Leica M9 rangefinder, price after discount: $6,495 (link to Leica M9 in steel grey):

$1000 Instant Gift Card with the purchase of a Leica M9-P rangefinder, price after discount: $6,995 (link to Leica M9-P in silver chrome):

This promotion will end on October 31, 2012.

Dale Photo & Digtial also has a mint Leica M9 Titan Limited Edition for sale:

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    6.495 USA very good price for new Leica M9, half year ago I sell my used M9 for 5.750 USA

  • Bryan Campbell

    I’m glad Leica is doing this!

  • Jonas Clark

    A sign that the new repalcement (M10?) is on the horizon. 😉

    • definitely

      • noeffred

        sorry, but no, it’s not. They are just adjusting the price due to the weak Euro… The price after the discount is pretty much the same as it is here in Europe (after deducting sales tax).

  • Nobody Special

    I’d be a wee-bit pissed off if I had just recieved a new M9/9P only to find out Leica was going to offer a $1000.00 discount.

    Either way, this isn’t the first time they’ve offered discounts; usually the discount amount has to be used towards other Leica gear.

    • andy

      C’mon man, you had to be expecting a price drop in one form or another – you can’t be that naive?!

      • Ronan

        He bought a M9… so yes he could be that naive 🙂

        Unless he rolls on money and it’s just another purchase or something.

      • Nobody Special

        Ah, I said – IF – I had just bought a new M9/9P. Geese. No I’m not naive about Leica and/or it’s pricing, and unless you have a crystal ball, one can’t know when or if Leica will have a price drop.

        In strict marketing/pricing terms this IS NOT a price drop, it amounts to more of a refund that will END October 31st. When did Leica last have a permanent price drop? Oh, no I wouldn’t buy a new M9.

        • My guess is that after October 31 Leica will no longer make the M9. The M10 should be announced in a month.

          • I would be interesting to see whether they continue to the M9. Not sure whether everyone will like the CMOS sensor of the M10?

  • Kuhn Tom

    Leica makes great cameras and lenses, but they are like a very expensive watch or jewelry more of a status symbol than anything else. Today they maybe used by a handfull (if that) of profesional photographers I do not know of any profesionals that uses them. That said if they gave me one I would not turn it down.

    • Red Fez

      I have known several who use the M9 professionally, daily for their work in the newspaper, and those who use it for wedding photography. To state that the camera is a rich man’s toy is like people who bitch and moan that only gangster rappers drive a Chrysler 300M or snobby people in Beverly Hills drive a Porsche.

      • The camera delivers very little for what it claims and what it costs. It’s not a sensible choice for a professional, especially when you consider the reliability issues. Does that mean a pro can’t use it? No… people use all sorts of cameras commercially so I see no reason why a Leica should be an exception.

        • Camerageekslayer

          Offeres very little as in they make the best lenses in the world? You know you never answered my question if you have ever shot with a Leica or rangefinder in general. Professional photography does not always lie in weddings & advertising. There are a good many fine art photographers that use these cameras because they are craftsmen that use craftsman tools. Of course in the grand scheme its the minority since these cameras only have a 1% market share. Leicas offer you the world if you prefer shooting with rangefinders or superior optics.

          • J Shin


            Art photographers get so much less credit/respect than what is deserved. 🙁 Being an artist is a very costly proposition at times, and even in poverty artists would pay premium for the right tool or raw material. Anyone who has checked out the price of oil paint, decent framing, or palladium prints would know.

            I once picked up, maybe 15 years ago, a special issue of a magazine listing “100 movers and shakers in photography” or something to that effect. I counted maybe 2 or 3 art photographers, Cindy Sherman being one. The rest were fashion editors, art directors, stock agencies, ad agencies, fashion photographers, etc., roughly in that order. “Models” got an entry of their own. Camera manufacturers were not mentioned, nor were camera reviewers, except the (very deserving) editorial staff of that magazine.

            Odd, since the rise and fall of trends in photography manufacturing is decided by prosumers, including starving artists as well as artists with a lot of disposable income. I know a doctor who decorates his office with his nature photographs. Some amazing shots. I do not begrudge his ability to get whatever DSLR equipment he wants; his wealth allows him to take risks with his equipment that I would never take, and the world is a little bit richer for it.

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