This iPhone app simulates Leica rangefinder

The iPhone app ViewFinder Classic ($0.99) recreates the experience of a Leica rangefinder camera on the iPhone. The application features a full-screen viewfinder with a set of frame lines for the classic 35mm and 50mm focal lengths. It offers a minimalist interface, with a shutter and an exposure setting button.

Main features:

  • Fullscreen Viewfinder, no shutter blackout
  • Compose photographs with frame lines
  • Select 35mm or 50mm for the right angle of view
  • Set exposure and focus
  • Simple design, minimalist interface
  • Pictures just go to the camera roll
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  • Hmm… I downloaded the app and pretty it is. But I naïvely imagined it would turn and autofocus camera into a manual focus. I was all set to do a review, but realised there was nothing to say. Does this app really do anything but try to look like a Leica viewfinder?

  • fotomik

    Well that was 0.79€ down the drain… Needs to at least rotate to both landscape-orientations, and when you advertise it as having “exposure settings”, you better have some settings, an exposure lock just ain’t the same thing. That whole “zoom” thing is a nice touch anyhow.

    Also, if your phone is in silent-mode, you have absolutely no idea if you took a picture at all…

  • anon

    probably best not to buy, its a scammer making money off leica love.

    • You know what they say… where there are idiots, there will be scammers…

      • Robin

        Aaaand cut… that’s why I don’t fall for such stupid apps, I’m no fool.. are you a fool?.

  • Bo

    LOL… I thought about this for 1/250th of a second, then realized I could just look through my M that hangs on my shoulder anyway.

  • That is funny and I should hate it but I LOVE focusing with rangefinders so much that I LOVE IT!

  • @Michael: you get the frame lines and the exposure control in a simple manner; i will add finer control of the exposure/speed but there’s really no API for that on the iPhone at the moment, just smart tricks that I am still not satisfied with.

    @Fotomik: I am adding an indicator for the silent case; i don’t want to add distracting features in the viewfinder, but I understand this is an issue that needs fixing

  • Frank

    The viewfinder does not rotate. The exposure button is on the opposite side it should be so your hand covers up the lens. Camera only works for lefties.

    David. Fix this. This is absolutely terrible. honestly. I would rather have put my dollar through a shredder. It would have been more useful and entertaining.

  • @Frank: rotation support is already in 1.0 which is waiting for review with Apple. It should be out in a few days.

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