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  • “a camera that combines digital convenience with silver-halide emotion” – Erwin Puts on the M9-M

    We still live in the dark ages of photography…

    Other funny bits from Erwin’s write-up:

    “When you take a M9 image file and transfer it to black and white there is always a slight color cast.”

    “One can safely claim that the Monochrom is the only digital 35 mm camera that delivers pure neutral tones, identical to the ones you get when using silver-halide emulsions. “

    ” a full frame picture of a locomotive and below that a selection to show the very fine definition and tonal scale.”

    Do people still read this kind of drivel?

    • Drifter

      You just did

    • One More Thought

      What’s wrong with Erwin’s writing? You may agree or disagree…but his writing style merely shows passion and a fondness for metaphor…nothing wrong with that.

      • Pooh

        Does passion and fondness generate color cast when you transfer your RAW file into black and white?

  • bobby butts

    Imagine the cost of an M mount version of that 1600.

  • wayfaerer

    Was in Solms on Thursday and saw the Monster. Really impressiv, would also like it with a Nikon adapter 🙂

  • Camaman

    Damn I bet that $2mil Leica lens had a “”Private” use…
    Must be that the sheik has a good looking neighbor across the dessert.

  • Camaman

    Any info about Photokina and new releases?

  • Camaman

    This site has a ban for posting certain leica site…

    • I have banned many low quality sites that have spammed this blog in the past.

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