Pretty damn close!

Yes, the spy pictures I published few weeks ago were indeed of the new Leica M digital rangefinder. My mockups were pretty close too. The red herring was the Leica mirrorless camera. The R lenses solution was implemented in the new M digital rangefinder and the M-E is the "cheaper" Leica mirrorless camera.

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  • AB

    Yup! I’m definitely going to buy this new M. But I think I will keep my M9 too.

    Guys, those of us with R lenses (that have not been converted for Canon), are you guys tempted by the solution offered by the new M?

    The ME is interesting but I doubt it will give Leica substantial conquest sales as the cost of buying Leica lenses and/or third party M-mount lenses will still be quite steep. The Sony NSX 6 looks pretty spectacular and will probably be a better option.

    Looking at the M and the ME, will Leica do the same with the S2 and reduce the price by a few thousand euros once the S3 is released?

  • J Shin

    Yes, definitely kudos to Admin for the scoop and the mockup! 🙂 All the surprises were also quite positive as well.

    • AB


  • Ben

    Congratulations Peter,

    You were the only one with the right M spy pictures and the very close mock-up.
    I am going to see the M on Photokina and buy one.


  • Bill

    Pity this little piece of awesome doesn’t have 1080p30 or an external mic jack. Small things yes but those are deal breakers for me. Sorry, Leica.

  • Thanks!

    Thanks Admin!
    I love all the updates on all of your sites! I’m in China and was loving watching your minute by minute updates live from the announcements. The mockups are pretty dang good, and I think all the new Leica news has been super positive. I’m not buying anything(except a D600 and 24-70 Woot-Woot!!!), but I love that the new products and always enjoy seeing what Leica is doing.
    Thanks for all your hard work on these sites, and congrats on all your success with the site and excellent mock ups/reporting of rumors across the board!

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