Leica to get delisted from the stock exchange

Leica Camera AG settled with their last two minority shareholders after they set a cash compensation for squeeze-out. As a result, the company will be delisted form the stock exchange. With this, Leica will become a "privately owned" entity and will no longer be traded on the stock exchange. Leica's CEO Alfred Schopf said that this will save them a lot of money because they no longer have to do any regulatory reporting.


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  • This is going to save them money? Maybe they can reduce their prices.

    • sure, in same sense as drowning your kid will save your money on feeding.

      leica enters the top of the slide slope. bye, was nice to have you around, but you brought it on your self.
      anybody having large stocks of leica stuff hoping to get moneys on in future, i would silently start to sell it

  • Dan

    ^ That would mean they’d have to reduce quality. I’d rather they didn’t.

  • `/1nc3nt

    If you make money you delist your company from the stock index.

    If you bleeds you hurry asking public for their cash to burn. It’s not somebody else money anyway.

  • Claus Carlsen

    Excellent move. Would recommend it for many companies. Not only does it save money but more importantly management’s time. They can now focus more on running the business rather than hyping the stock and trying to manage analysts expectations both of which have no direct positive impact on the the actual business unless you ipo or issue more shares if strapped for cash. I guess they have financing and profitability under control so why waste time and effort on non productive issues.

  • Mark

    Was Fuji planning a hostile takeover or something?

    • Banksie

      Fuji? No.

      Leica has already received a solid cash infusion through Blackstone. And although Blackstone does expect a return, they will leave Leica alone as long as it is profitable. And it is.

  • Bigeye

    “De-listing” implies that a company is going out of business. “Goes Private” would be the common tag and more accurate.

    Taking a company private is generally a very good thing.

    • Claus Carlsen


    • Correct, delisting can happen in two cases: company going out of business or going private, in this case Leica is going private like I already mentioned on the post.

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