Leica M explained (video)

David from Dale Photo & Digital published a very detailed video interview with Jesko von Oeynhausen from Leica on the new M digital rangefinder - worth watching if you are planning to buy the camera:

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  • John

    Can someone answer me this question: Is the red dot bigger on this camera? If not, who is planning on getting the black M and putting on a black dot?

    • Carlo

      who will be tempted to by the M-P (2013-2014) if the M comes with a black dot from the start? I think Leica know that the red dot is less elegant that the black one. But they’re reserving it for special series..

      Look at the fujifilm X-Pro the look & feel is as the contax G. Front is fully black.

      I’m still convicend that the M has now an excellent sensor and in any point of view something that is exclusive compared to Sony (Fujifilm has also a exclusivity with his sensor design). Let see what will be the response from Fujifilm & Sony with FF and compatibility with the full line of M.

      • Carlo

        When I says excellent sensor it’s not agains the sensor of the M8/M9/M-E but that this is the response you need to be sure that your focusing right with this level of definition. (live view and focus peeking)

    • I believe it is larger (regrettably). When dpreview showed the announcement pics of the M and ME, it was fairly easy to compare the dot size. I believe the size could be increased due to the absence of the frame lines in the M (I.e. no extra window on the front with the M). I am not so glad about the increased dot size either.

    • unlightening

      Why does anyone care?

  • Camaman

    The red dot looks giant to me to.
    I would also put a black Leica sticker on it… I would have a print shop make a nice 3d epoxy one… 🙂

  • Henry

    No need to explain, means the Leica M type doesn’t work any more …
    No need for video on an M.
    There are better dslr solutions and brands for video.
    Keep the M simple as the M6 was before. Point , shoot and…rewind.

  • Camaman

    Does anyone know, if you can move the magnification area around when you use the EVF or LV, while in manual focus magnification assist?

    Or is it only in the center like a range finder yellow spot, limiting you to focus-recompose.

  • Bryan Campbell

    The Leica M isn’t going to be perfect but it’s by far the most desireable camera in a long time (for me anyway)

    What Leica should improve before release:

    – Find a way to add discreet mode, if it can’t work because of LiveView than have it disable when LiveView is turned on

    – Faster refresh rate for EVF… I’ve heard many complaints that 30 fps isn’t enough, we
    need 60 fps or more

    – The buttons on the left side of the screen are beautiful but there needs to be a way to “feel” for them better in the dark

    – If the Red Dot is larger than other M cameras then make it the same size as the others please, we don’t need to call more attention to our $7,000 camera

    • Camaman

      I agree on all points.

      I don’t know why the EVF is slower. It is the the same as Oly EF-2, and the M should have a strong enough computer.

      The red dot is a bit over the top.

      Add discreet mode.

      Illuminated buttons would be killer. But I guess they are keeping that one for a limited edition. hahaha!

      And imagine focus peaking overlay in rangefinder viewfinder! Damn, that would be a revolution! 🙂
      Maybe on the next M…

      • Yes, they could at least add focus confirmation in the viewfinder.

        • Don

          I think the challenge for focus confirmation in the viewfinder is to know what in the frame is the focus confirmation signal responding to Just whats under the rangefinder patch? Also wouldn’t the camera need to be in Live View mode for focus confirmation in the viewfinder to work?

          • Camaman

            You are right, it would be a chalenge. But then again why should the shutter curtain be closed in the first place.
            The camera could be in LV mode and not output anything to lCD or EVF.
            It could just output peaking result to a transparent overlay in OVF or at least give focus confirm in the RF patch area.

          • Yes, I was thinking about focus confirmation for the center of the viewfinder. Just like the rangefinder system – focus and recompose.

  • LT

    I don’t know if I missed anything , so far I have not seen any information about the processor. If they still have the processor as M9, I am out.
    I think this is the best Leica digital camera so far (who knows what it will be in the future). If they can learn something from Japanese counterpart, they will know how to make it smaller and lighter.

  • Josh

    The new M uses the same Maestro processor as the S2, so it is a huge improvement over the processor of the M9.

    • CAmaman

      Even more strange if the real frame rate for the EVF is only 30fps.
      But the one shown in a recent video didnt look that bad. But its hard to say since it was filmed through the eyepiece.

  • unlightening

    LOL @ 18 min 51 Seconds – Testing the finger grip

    “This one must be a large”

    “No it’s a medium.”

    *big man complex jimmies have been rustled*

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