Craig Semetko’s project “America: E Pluribus Unum” is now on Kickstarter

Craig Semetko launched his new project America: E Pluribus Unum on Kickstarter. The entire project has been shot with a Leica M9. I personally attended one of his Leica workshops and can only encourage you to support his venture. Check also his last book Unposed.

Some more info on the America: E Pluribus Unum project:

  • There will be an exhibition of work from Unposed and the E Pluribus Unum project beginning November 9th at the Leica Store, Washington DC. It coincides with FotoweekDC and will hang into the new year. Craig Semetko will also be giving a presentation of the work from both projects at the store November 15th and 16th as one of their FotoDC events.
  • Craig Semetko will be speaking November 18th at the New Jersey Photo Expo for Bergen County Camera. Prints from Unposed will be exhibited at their Westwood NJ store.
  • E Pluribus Unum will be the subject of a solo exhibition at the Leica Gallery New York City in the fall of 2013.

From Kickstarter:

The Idea

In early 2011, I, like many Americans, felt that the USA was going through a disturbing period--the people were polarized, the civil discourse was cynical and angry, the government was dysfunctional and the economy was still recovering from the Great Recession. I felt it was important to document this difficult period in our history, so I began driving throughout the country, taking pictures without a particular goal in mind other than to capture America and Americans as I saw them.

Where The Rubber Meets The Road

Many months and over 40,000 miles later (as of this writing), and counting, I am in the thick of it. “America: E Pluribus Unum (Out of Many, One)” is a photographic project looking at life in the United States during a difficult time in our history. The project unofficially kicked-off on Independence Day, 2011 in Independence, California and will end Inauguration Day, January 20th, 2013 in Washington, D.C. The latin phrase “e pluribus unum” means “out of many, one,” and has been a de facto motto for the United States since its inception in 1776. In choosing it as the working title for this project, I hope to show the vast geographic, ethnic, and economic diversity of Americans, while never forgetting that out of the many we are still one--each of us an American.

The Pitch

Until this point this entire project has been self-funded--I didn’t want to be influenced by corporate sponsors and I didn’t want to crowd finance without having work to show. I am asking for your help to finish the project. Your donations will go towards accommodations, fuel costs, and general living expenses. I am very passionate about this project and deeply appreciate your generosity towards completing what I hope will be an enduring documentation of a brief moment in America’s history.

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  • Now THAT is a street photographer…..just awesome.

  • Stephen Patterson

    I’m so excited that Craig Semetko is in the home stretch of this wonderful project. The images I have seen from Craig’s time on the road lead me to believe that this will make for another amazing book, and I encourage everyone to support his Kickstarter Campaign (as I have done).

    Just imagine if Kickstarter had been around in 1955-56 while Robert Frank was working on “The Americans”; who wouldn’t like a personalized email or better yet a print from that amazing body of work?

    • well at that times, photographers were more shooting and less talking.

  • Camaman

    While I very much support his general idea and like the way he does his work,


    patriotic phrases like “this difficult period in our history” or the half of the 1st paragraph:
    “In early 2011, I, like many Americans, felt that the USA was going through a disturbing period–the people were polarized, the civil discourse was cynical and angry, the government was dysfunctional and the economy was still recovering from the Great Recession.”
    … just made me giggle and loose a few ounces of for the project respect.

    Great depression, calling last year time in our history… really funny.

    When he’ll need funding to even start thinking of such a huge cross country trip, than we’ll talk of Great depression and hard times, my friends.
    We’re not there yet…

    He should just tighten his belt a few more years, sleep on the book, and then release it as piece of time in US history.
    Sacrifices are what give weight to great men or artists, IMO.

    • Allen


      Sadly, I do not think you are as “in touch” with America today as you may believe.

      America is looking at the edge, not yet looking over the edge, but certainly facing the edge!

      It is indeed a very difficult time in American history and I wish Mr. Semetko well with the project. His book, if done well, can potentially become a interesting, visual historical reference.

      Best regards,

      • Camaman

        I understand and I to simpathise with the American people but as long as Supermarkets and Drugstores are packed with goods that you can definetly do without, I don’t call that a Great depresion, from consumers point of view.

        There is an abundancen of crap and people still feel the pressure to buy. Those who sell call it a depression. But it is still abundance and over production.
        People are spending less, like they should. Overconsumption is the real cancer, and people need to face that. Big corps dont want people to save, but to spend it all, so they make us compete with eachother in shopping.

  • Paolo Vinciguerra

    Ex pluribus not e pluribus this is the correct Latin sentence

  • ludo

    I’d like to support the project but none of the rewards seem to include receiving the actual book that will be produced, only a previous book published by the photographer. Did I miss something?

    • Stephen Patterson

      I don’t think a book deal has been finalized yet for “E Pluribus Unum” so he probably doesn’t want to promise something that he cannot 100% guarantee for delivery.

  • Red Fez

    Maybe if he wasn’t using an M9, he wouldn’t need a kick-starter fund raiser. I’m just saying. Not like, these sorts of projects aren’t popping up from college kids trying to do the same thingy, only with an iPhone, Instagram, and a backpack full of spam.

  • lxjbkr

    Meh, nothing new here. Like most Kickstarter photo projects I’d rather give to real causes and fund my own work. No offense, just sayin…

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