Used Leica M9 cameras sell for around $4,000 on eBay

Used Leica M9 digital rangefinders currently sell for slightly above $4,000 on eBay (completed listings) - this is around $1,500 less than a brand new Leica M-E (priced at $5,450). With the exception of the frame selector, USB port and color/material, the M9 and M-E are basically identical cameras. Here are some of the active Leica M9 eBay listings. B&H sells used M9s for $5,200, Adorama has one for $4,349.

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  • Donji Hogfan

    Still overpriced cult.

    • fiatlux

      Perhaps, but no other manufacturer offer a digital full frame rangefinder.

      I enjoy my M8 much more than any other digital camera I have used so far, and it has to do with the form factor and the rangefinder/viewfinder, not the name.

      I have already seen an M9 sold as low as 3000€ and would consider upgrading if such an opportunity happened again. One nice thing about Leica is that warranty is transferable and renewable for a relatively modest fee.

      • jimmielx

        I transferred the remaining Passport and warranty on my used M9-P to my name for no cost at all here in the UK. Just an email to Solms, to which I received a very prompt reply confirming it.

        Used prices of M9s from London dealers dropped shortly after the recent announcement here in the UK and they flew off the shelves when they did (I was luck to get one). They have since gone back up a tiny bit, but are still much less than they were. You’re looking at around £3200 for a used M9 from a dealer, very briefly they were £3000. Of course they are cheaper in the US and via eBay…

        • something weird is really happening with leica.
          only this month i already got 2 calls from people offering old leicas for sale.

      • Guest

        No other manufacturer offers digital rangefinders, let alone FF.

      • Guest

        No other manufacturer offers digital rangefinders, let alone FF.

  • Camaman

    I thought warranties are automatically transferred or can be enjoyed by 3rd party. When I buy a gadget it in a shop there is no name on our receipts.

    Anyway digital age will kill M9 on the resale values. Sadly so…

  • Nobody Special

    Well, I think the ‘newly used’ prices are closer to reality to what they should have been priced new. To me, the fact that it’s the only FF rangefinder doesn’t justify it’s cost. Either way, it has it’s place, but buying one new is a bit of a loss in today’s quick turn around market. Digital bodies just don’t hold value the way film bodies used to and never will, and that’s no longer news.

    Now, more than ever, it’s the glass, and thankfully, there is plenty of excellent used glass out there that can be used. Buy used bodies, and whatever lens you want and save a lot of cash.

  • Ronan

    LOOOOOOOOOL! Poor photographers, what a huge lose of money.

    Bought my D300 brand new, sold it 3 years later for $400 loss. Those chaps are losing thousands!!!

    Who was the fanboy stating Leica M9’s were a good solid investment? Id like for him to chip in again LOL

    • Happy M3 owner here. It’s the only camera I use and would not trade it for any of those new digital gizmo’s.

    • The M9 was never a good investment. But the glass definitely were. In anticipation of the M9 becoming available, I bought a bunch of Leica glass during July/August of 2009, including picking up a Summilux 50mm ASPH for $2,200, a Summicron 50mm for $1,100, a Summicron 90mm APO for $1,900, a Super Elmar 18mm ASPH for $2,200, and a Elmarit 28mm ASPH for $1,499 (after a $200 rebate that Leica offereda at the time). If it weren’t for the M9, I would not have bought those glass. I sold my M9 when the new M was announced for $4,800. Overall, I actually made thousands of dollars because fo the M9. It was like someone paid me $2,500 to use it for the last three years . . .

      • I should clarify — all the lenses I purchased were used (over eBay) with the exception of the Elmarit 28mm which I bought new from Adorama.

    • Syed

      you sound jealous and angry. not everything is about money….some things are about satisfaction and nice machinery to enjoy.

      • Ronan

        I own a M6, M8, D300, D3, X100 and OM-D. Far from jaleous. Each had a range of pro-glass when available.

        Far from jaleous, but i am laughing at their stupid loss and the GROSS overprice of the M8.

        So Syed, how do YOU explain to your wife a ~$4000 loss because of a red dot?

        • Harson

          You know it’s not like 4000$ is a big deal for every man or wife on this planet…

          Leica is reaching a price point which is unreasonable to many. Yet nobody is forcing these people to buy, or try to buy, these products.

          Step by Step Leica’s price point will go toward richer people more and more. The point is not to know if it’s more reasonable that this product is 2000$ cheaper or 2000$ more expensive. The point is to get a camera which you like and that you can afford.

          I’m one of those ready to pay such a high price for this type a camera just because it suits me and I can afford it. That’s as simple as that.

          I don’t care a 5dMk III even it does 10 times more for 10 times less simply because it’s my type of camera.

  • Bryan Campbell

    I feel for a lot of M9 owners. A lot of people who want full frame but can’t quite justify the cost of a new M-E (or new M9) will still have a great camera they can buy. The ISO isn’t great, but neither is the M8 and I love my M8.

    I’m on the pre-order list for the Leica M, but who knows how fast Leica will get them out next year.

  • Sam

    I bought an M8 when the M9 was announced/released. Had never used a rangefinder before and thus had difficulty justifying $7k. Got the M8 for about $2k and hope to get at least $1500 if I sell it to upgrade; not a bad expanse for 3 years of Leica/RF use. I love rangefinders now and the M8 is actually pretty solid most of the time for street work. I want something usable for weddings too though (M8 decent but not reliable on its own IMO; it supplements my D700). I think the M8 is good for those out there that are intrigued by Leica or rangefinders but are not swimming in coin. When the new M actually ships, I hope the M9s come down a bit more near $3000-3500 as more dentists start upgrading and flood the supply on eBay. Good time to be a photographer and a Leica fan who didn’t jump into the M9 when they were new.

    • I think the M8 still sells for around $2k used.

      • Ronan

        Locally, at the gross overprice of anything electronic + $15 taxes, a M8 in good condition goes for around $1500-$1600.

        • Camaman

          Where is that locally?
          Thats a good price. 🙂

  • skinnfell

    What the trolls here fail to recognize is that most professionals who buy the M9 are able to write it off, maybe get a tax refund AND make money from the pictures.
    Of course you can do this with other cameras but the fact that you can, makes it a lot easier to swallow investment wise. After it is written off you have essentially gotten the camera for free, provided you had the cash up front. (a write-off is a tax break equivalent to the value of equipment divided over the write-off period, for example three years. If you didnt give your money to leica they would go to the government. At least thats how it works in my country.)
    Any used sales value after the write-off is a pure bonus (though one which must be paid tax on, unless you use it towards a new camera).

    Of course if you are an amateur, this is all sunk cost and you need to think of it more like rent or interest on ownership. Lets say you owned it for three years and sell it for $3000 less than you bought it new for. It then cost you a thousand dollars a year to own. Are you able to make more than a thousand dollars a year by its use? Would film and processing on the same number of pictures you shot with it cost you more than a thousand per year? If not, do you think it is worth it to pay 83 dollars per month to use it?
    These are all individial questions. For some it is way worth it, for others it is not.

    However, I agree that saying that a Leica is an investment similar to putting money in stocks or gold or whatever is pretty far fetched. Again, if someone bought it in hopes that it would increase in price, they should get a financial adviser asap.

    Then there is the untangible enjoyment of usage. If something is your main tool, why shouldnt you get any enjoyment out of it.
    Cost of equipment is far from the entire equation. If this was not true we would all drive Toyotas and there would never be a market for german and italian cars, let alone american.

    • skinnfell

      “maybe get a tax refund”

      I meant SALES tax refund. sorry.

    • Ronan

      Pro’s don’t use the M9. Get over yourself mate… The COUPLE pro’s we heard about using an M9 were only heard of when Leica pointed them out in a couple articles for a publicity stunt.

      Some pro’s have one, because they can easily charge it on the business.

      So a HANDFULL of people can do that, and you state it’s good? Woah… way to kill 95% of the other customers.

      • Harson

        Do you know any other camera brand with a waiting list to buy bodies and lenses ?

        I do not. There must be reasons why their is such a list, and I think there are reasonably enough websites which scientifically demonstrates why such prices are reached, especially regarding the price of Leica lenses.
        Yet, when you have superb lenses, it is quite logical in my opinion to buy the body it was intended to use with…despite it is judged overpriced by many people who cannot buy them. If you cannot buy it…sure it is overpriced for you but shall we have endless talks about your financial situation ?

        If you cannot afford a M…then what can we do for you. It simply means you are not Leica’s target…even you maybe where in the past since you have an M6. End of story.

        • > “Do you know any other camera brand with a waiting list to buy bodies and lenses ?”

          That would be Nikon pro-body users. I just got my D800 after waiting months. We do likewise for the super-exotic telephotos. It’s not something we think is worth bragging about.

      • cp

        Coming from this pro who uses two M9 bodies I would say you have no ‘effin idea what you are talking about.

        Anyway, it costs $ to take pictures, whether shooting film or digital. The image quality and sheer satisfaction I’ve got from shooting the M9 (and previously the M8) outweigh any cost concerns. The image quality is the closest, imo, to film yet. Shoot a couple of hundred rolls of film and with the cost of processing and scanning (say $30 per roll all told) and you are approaching the cost of a new digital M body. As it is I’ve shot the equivalent of thousands of rolls of film with my M’s so I see it as paying off. And no, I couldn’t get the same look or ease of use with a cheaper dslr or 3/4th or whatever. It is what it is.

        Do I wish Leica gear was cheaper? Of course! But I’m not bashing those who can afford it, pro or non-pro. Hell, lots of people out there who pay more for a watch then a top of the line Leica. And they have to wind it!

        • Coming from this pro who uses two M9 bodies I would say…

          The image quality is the closest, imo, to film yet.

          Wow you really must be a pro because you have no idea about how cameras work.

          • cp

            Umm, not sure what you mean by that. But considering I’ve had four books of my work published, been included in dozens of others, museum shows around the world, not to mention magazines etc, and a working pro for over 25 years now, I think I know my way around a camera or two, film and digital.

            Btw, didn’t see any Leica shots on your blog….

  • Daryl

    Comparing the M9 to another frame digital cameras of the same vintage: the Nikon D3x is selling for $3-3.5k on ebay. Nikon originally $8k, now $3.3k (approx average), lose in value is $4.7k or 59%. Leica M9 original sale price $7k, used price $4k, lose in value is 43%. The Leica M9 sold for $1k less and commands almost $1k more on the used market, please draw your own conclusion.

  • Ouch! Prices will further fall once the M is available.

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