First Leica M sample images?

HK LFC forum member posted several sample images (translation) claimed to be from the new Leica M digital rangefinder. Most of the images are taken at high ISO with a Noctilux f/1 lens. The EXIF data is not available to confirm the origin of the photos. With the exception of few images from the brochure, Leica Camera has not officially released any sample photographs from the new M model.

Update: I think those images are really from the Leica M - you can see the Leica M here and the new battery here.

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  • Still not convince if this is case of want or need for new camera. Magnum may use, but rest of wire services and photo agencies I work for do not seem to care. I wonder why? (*puzzled)

    Oh because, photographer more important than tool. One day man create tool, then come fire, then come tool so power it replaced man. I think that called terminator. One day still camera so powerful, photographer stay home surf web while camera does all the work for you in field.

  • Ben

    Comes with camera shake built in??? ;}

  • the potential of this camera (and the lens!) def not done any justice by these. might just as well have shot these on a camera phone.

  • davey

    It’s amazing … why would this guy publish these horrible pictures? Does he know anything about photography? If so, after reviewing them, what made him think that (1) these were interesting subjects, and (2) the photos were any good (composition, exposure, shake, etc.)? What a wasted tool.

    • Who’s the wasted tool? The camera or the photographer..

      • davey

        Both …

  • CHD

    Holy OOF photos Batman.

  • Agfa MasterS

    They can not shoot decently but if you have a Leica, you you become a image poet. I see that the Leica owners must be very sad people only see life in black and white. And at all costs try to look at a picture for hours to justify their investment. I note also that certain photographic subjects appear only in the eyes of the owners of Leicas. Ordinary mortals could never shoot.

  • MissSandy

    Caution, the Leica M autofocus is extremely slow. Everyone knows.

    • Huggs


  • Nobody Special

    Well, as has been said above, the images themselves are ordinary, but the noise seems low – for ISO 2000.

    I still am interested in the M because of the R/live view capability. But whenever I see ‘images from the Noctilux’ I remember my 80’s F/1 version. It was a beast. It completely throws off (ruins?) the best of an M camera; it’s size and balance.

    This is kind of off topic – Admittedly, I was using 400 speed and slower transparency film and I had to really brace against objects whenever possible for the best results. Never looked back when I sold it. Even if the M has low noise at high ISO’s the Noctilux still will have the same affect – it will still out-balance an M camera and turn it into a beast.

  • Steve Stevenson

    Just goes to show that money cannot buy talent.

  • Bryan Campbell

    Underexposed, slow shutter speed, camera shake, out of focus, in camera jpgs resized for web, and using the somewhat soft 50 f/1 noctilux… don’t worry guys, there should be better photos coming out… I hope.

    The good news is noise seems pretty good for ISO 2,000 in dim lighting under mixed lighting conditions.

  • Scorpius

    Who cares if the photos are fabulous or not,lots of people buy M’s and can’t shoot like pro’s,seems to me that he was more interested in socialising than shooting anyway..Love the bokeh from that glass though.. even if it does weigh more than the M body..

  • beb

    Is that me or we still have the banding issue in the background ?
    If the banding issue is still on the new M, this isn’t good…

  • Banksie

    There have been dismal photographs from the day photography was invented. It has nothing to do with the kind of camera or the brand of camera. People need to quit using Leica as their scapegoat and whipping boy. Crap can come out of anything, just as good stuff can come out of anything. When I see a crappy image, it’s just a crappy image; nothing more and nothing less.

    When you see somebody drive poorly on the road, do you blame the brand of car? Come on, you people are more mature than that (or maybe not.)

    • Huggs


  • HY

    why so much anger ? lol guy got his hands on a preproduction camera with a beta firmware, shoots an casual dinner evening.

    thats basically what happened. No, no master piece is going to coming out from that nor does these picture mean alot since its a pre production camera.

    jsut relax ppl gosh..

    • TThor

      My thoughts as well. Strange to see so much envy and pure vitriol for so little…

  • SS

    Come on. These are just the footage shots taken with the Leica M by a participant of a Leica launching dinner event organized in Hong Kong. The place was very dark. Each person only had limited time to play around the camera to get a feel of it. The photographers did not say that those photos are serious testing pictures.

    Morever, this is just a pre-production copy of the camera and the 50/2 APO.

    Take it easy guys.

    • I am surprised they let them take pictures with a pre-production model.

  • jason

    If you look on page two on the forum, there is a picture of a girl holding a m8; taken with a Canon 5D in the same lighting situation.

  • Adam Ansel

    Proving once again that having the most expensive mirrorless camera on the planet doesn’t make you a photographer.

    Frakkin’ poseur.

    • logan

      lol what kind of person criticizes some casual photographs (taken in low light at f/1 no less) on a website dedicated to a camera they hate and have never used.


  • a

    Why all the hate? These were never meant to be artistic pictures. I’m grateful for them because we can finally see what the sensor is capable of. It looks good.

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