The world’s most wanted camera (video)

This video about Leica Camera was published today by Bloomberg.

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  • Camaman

    Nice video.
    $15mill strategy for the stores, 100 stores. Thats about $150k per store. Not so much IMO.

  • Daryl

    Given the length of the video they included much information, no theme and superficial at best, not sure what they intended other than to fill some time. Leica needs more time, npr style, given the many facets of the company from high quality products to collecting to bling.

  • When a technological manufacturer says the strengths of its products are in their “touch and feel and the look” it means they’re making fools out of their customers and are overcharging them.

    It’s no different to how Olympus used to talk so highly about their weather sealing in their FT DSLRs because they couldn’t focus well or take high quality pictures because of the small sensor. If Leica cameras could deliver the image quality they charge everyone for, they’d be rubbing it in everyone’s faces at every opportunity instead of talking about haptics.

    Also who are they kidding? Lots of aftermarket products come out with accessories like thumb grips, etc. to improve the ergonomics of Leicas. That’s the embarrassing part.

  • Nobody Special

    As a Leica user for many years, I can’t help but be a little offended by how Leica has turned to marketing their product. I’ve said it before, they’re not very humble about being ‘so good’, yes, I know Bloomberg did the piece, but overall it supports Leica’s current theme of total upmarket movement. Do they really need to promote such a ‘good’ product that way???
    I guess if you’re trying to attract the ‘well-to-do’ to your ‘exclusive’ stores, then I guess it is the way. After all, they aren’t exactly looking for photographic tools, they’re looking for wealth ‘statement’ products.

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