Leica – revival of a legend (video)

Deutsche Welle released two new videos on Leica cameras: "Leica - revival of a legend" and "Cult Camera":

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  • Дмитрий Блудов

    1:56 – did you see? Kaufmann is not aware of acid spitting when cleaning the lens. Tell him it’s dangerous! LOL!

  • Piggy

    The female photographer shown after Henri Cartier Bresson is not Gisele Freund. She is Ilse Bing. That is a major error. Ilse is shown in advanced age reproducing a famous photo she took in the 1930’s. Ilse was born in Germany, known as “The Queen of the Leica”, but, being Jewish was threatened with death, fled Germany in fear of her life and came to New York, where she lived into her late 90’s.

  • Ronan LE PENNEC

    Interesting to have an idea about how much does R&D cost

  • Camaman

    32mil for an entire S-System. sounds cheap to me. And that is with German labour.
    Imagine how little other cameras cost do develop.
    True others develop 4 cameras and release one so that factors in to.

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