Leica M type 240 sample images

I had the chance to borrow the new M from the Leica Store in Miami for a quick walk around Miracle Mile. The full resolution JPG images (straight out of the camera) can be found on flickr. The DNG files can be downloaded here.

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  • So your first impressions?

    • First impressions (after having the camera for less than an hour): Very good screen – I even think that images on the screen looked better in terms of contrast and colors then the original files on my computer. Significantly improved shutter compared to the M9 – smooth and quiet, without the electronic buzz at the end. Slow startup time, but SD format time was fast.
      The camera locked up once and I had to take the battery out in order to reset. Maybe I did something since I was pressing buttons and playing with the menu. Weird auto ISO setup, I could be wrong about that but I think you set items from the menu with the “Set” button instead with the silver dial. Otherwise the buttons and the new dial felt very good – firm but responsive. Something I have not see anywhere online – the bottom plate has a cutout (with plastic cover) for use of Eye-Fi cards. The new M felt slightly bulkier than the M9.

      In conclusion, I think Leica did everything they could/should in order to improve the new M. I also happened to like the rendering of the old M9 sensor, but I also understand that you cannot implement the same technology with the old CCD sensor. The good part is that you still have the option to buy the old M9 (M-E) at a reduced price. Maybe the best solution (at least for me) was to improve the M9 with better battery, faster processor, bigger screen, keep the CCD sensor and sell it for $7k. I don’t really care about R lenses, EVF, live view and focus peaking is nice, but I could live without them.

      • Completely agree with your final thoughts here. Glad to see you guys getting to take some looks at this 240.

      • JTO

        I had a go at your DNG files and WOW!

        The dynamic range is much better than my 5D ii and (I believe) the M9.
        Have a look at the Rolls shot, in bright sunshine you did not blowout the hightlights on the car and you still have detail in the wheelarch on the shadow side.

        However the shots of the tramps (hmmmm, a bit unfair to shoot them IMHO) seem to be suffering from diffraction as the lens is stopped down to about F11 or so.

        The colour seems to be about 500K warmer but this could be the beta profiles for Photoshop.

        I can guarantee, that in three years (or so) whent the next M is launched people will be saying that it is not as good as the M (240). Have a look at when at some of the posts when Leica launched the M9. People said it wasnt as good as the M8, now look at us!!!

        • dannybuoy

          The tramps are definitely suffering from diffraction. They could probably do with a hot shower and a good meal too. 🙂

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  • peter

    yep… looks like my 5D now…. think I’ll stick to M6. Not seen one m240 image that blows me away…pity.

  • rayden

    I agree with peter, very, very ordinary looking images. and that pink flower shot, absolutely disgusting. it seems to have even more of a problem than most digital cameras with the reds. just looks like hell.
    whats most dissapointing is that the shots just look so…status quo… they really look like they could of been taken with any cheap point and shoot. theres absolutely no sense of quality in the shots. In fact i would go even further and say that they actually look unappealing.

    • Clint

      Rayden, you seem to be an authority on this….why don’t you point us to your acclaimed body of work so we can judge you.


      • Rayden

        Lol you’re challenging my opinion, albeit in an underhandedly pretentious manner because you don’t like it. How insecure of you. I’m not sure why you’re posting your weblink in the reply. Am I meant to care about what photos you’ve taken? Are people not allowed to make negative comments about your obviously beloved Leica brand? Get a life.

        • Clint

          Rayden…I don’t even own a Leica camera; I sold my M8 a year ago. I just have to laugh at internet pions such as yourself post anonymously and insult the work of others. In case you can’t figure it out the posted pics are not meant to be works of art, simply dng samples from a new camera.

          I posted a link to my work because it validates my opinion. Posting anonymously gives you no credibility…at least in my eyes. Many others feel the same way…why would you care about some trolls opinion on the worth of photos when said troll probably can’t take a photo to save their life.

          Prove me wrong, let’s see some of your work:)

          • Rayden

            As you yourself pointed out, these photographs aren’t posted for their artistic merits, rather for the quality of the image as an example of what the camera is capable of. My comments were (very obviously) stated in that context. Therefore, only someone precious about the camera and or the brand would take offense like you have.

            Btw, since you still haven’t seemed to grasp it, this is a public forum where people are encouraged to post their opinions. And unlike you I don’t feel the need to post my photographs to prove anything to anyone. Maybe you should stick to 500px where you compare and rate photos, if thats your thing, stay there, you obviously think you’re photos are great, as I said, I really couldn’t care less about your photos. I, and everyone else here are interested in the performance of the camera.

            Read this again slowly so you get it: This is a public forum where people are allowed their opinion – in this case on the quality of the image of a new camera. If you’re able to grasp that, great, if not, well, too bad!

          • Clint

            Yes Rayden…it’s the internet and that means everyone is entitled to an opinion….even you.

          • Rayden

            Congratulations Clint! You got there in the end, and thats the main thing!

  • Leica has made me lucky to be present at the birth of a new aberration… what on earth is the red glow around the jacket? Never seen that before.

    And check out the artifacts on the leaf:

    Not acceptable, Leica. You should be glad that Sony’s E mount can take Leica M lenses or else Leica would’ve gone out of business after Sony releases their full-frame Nex.

    • yup

      Oh, bloody hell… you again!

      You’re like a virus, everywhere!

      • There are more people outside of Leica fan caves who think like me. So what you’re really against is human intelligence 🙂

        • yup

          “There are more people…who think like me” you say…

          Well, for your peace of mind, I never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups…

          I have nothing more to say to you. I just hope you stop writing on forums, which will never happen, I know…

          • Lol… you need to learn about statistics. Small groups don’t exist only on one side of the IQ distribution. Again, thanks for validating my point… and that’s without even considering your failed use of what are supposed to mark up tags. It should be something like:


            Sheesh… Can’t even figure out how html works? What are you? 7 with a learning disability?

          • omfg

            geno… u gave the 1 like to yourself, right?

          • Nah… down votes are better… creates controversies and conspiracies

  • carlo

    Leica could play with full frame CMOS with a low price full frame camera – without rangefind -about $2000 / $2500.

    This new M240 can not be the Leica 2013 state of the Art in photography. About price: they said in the past about Leica M9: cost so high becouse the CCD full frame sensor cost much more a simple CMOS… and NOW Leica with Canon 5d mk3 feature cost so high: why?

    • One More Thought

      Agreed about the pricing.

      Both Canon and Nikon has FF cameras with approx equal or better sensors for about $2000. These cameras also AF and have other features that the Leica does not.

      Now let’s grant Leica something for their jewel like build quality and their brand name…let’s say an extra $1000, or even $2000.

      That should put the M at $3-4000 in price.

      Let Leica keep their lens prices where they are…but the M body is overpriced relative to the technology. That doesn’t mean it’s not a desirable camera…I would certainly want one…but the pricing is out of whack compared to the market.

  • george

    These images say nothing, so why bash the camera. The only way to prove the quality is with a Leica aspheric lens and tripod, at about f 8, process from dng and print 1 meter wide.

    Then something can be said. Point and click images can’t say much.

    Better yet, blame the advertising department !

  • Jack A.

    To the imbeciles that don’t understand the purpose of SAMPLE SHOTS… it’s not to create the best work you’ve ever seen. It’s to get a feel for the raw file itself. Why would any photographer in their right mind give away their .dng files for the masses? You want quality snaps? Take them yourself and make a living off of them. Cant do that? I guess you should just continue making jackass comments online…

    • George

      Harsh but true. The rumor was when I got my M8, that there were more people making critical comments than actual owners of the camera. The “red glow” comment, i have seen halo effect due to camera shake and lens flare, mystery solved.

      Most bashers will probably never own the M240 and will continue to bash it.

      • “The “red glow” comment, i have seen halo effect due to camera shake and lens flare, mystery solved.”

        ROFL. Halos don’t come from camera shake and it certainly doesn’t apply to just one colour or a part of the image… you certainly won’t be able to see the fine detail on zipper on the jacket. Have you ever used a camera before?

        Also lens flare doesn’t look like that. Do yourself a favour, go to Google image search and type “lens flare”. Time to change your username (again), George…

  • Daryl

    Thanks admin for posting these. I would be interested in your evaluation of both camera and images. Oh, and could you help me find one?:-)

  • Nobody Special

    It’s always nice/interesting to see new camera sample results, thanks Admin. But, it’s equally as hard to see differences between brands. The technology is becoming so close that it’s best for me to see large print results. I’ll say this, the samples don’t seem harsh which is something many sensors or cameras are starting to show, and something I don’t like.
    As with any new product, the oncoming months and users will provide more info and the camera will further show it’s true colors. I’m still interested especially for it’s use as ‘cross-system’ use body; for R and M with the EV – at this point, though the video side of the M isn’t a factor.

  • yup

    Thanks for finally sharing some .DNG so I can play in Lightroom!!

    Best post about M 240 so far, only because of this 🙂

    I was searching for .DNG files for a while. Can’t really get an idea about how a camera is till one plays with the files. I don’t care about composition or other artistic crap, as long as I can play with the .DNG and see the results.

    Thanks again!

    • Very welcome. I wanted to take also some high ISO samples, but unfortunately I was there during the day. I also have few snapshots from the Monochrome – if anyone is interested I can upload those too.

      • yup

        That would be cool. I would never turn down more samples I can play with. Thank you!

        In Jan I had a chance to shoot a MM vs my M9 and my D700 while in vacation in London, outside the Leica shop, just testing it. Imho both MM and M9 give better photos, to my taste, then D700 (which gives gorgeous photos anyway – but they “look flat” to me).

        I’m actually torn between buying a M240 alongside my M9, or buying a MM. I just can’t decide… just like a kid in a candy store. M240 looks more like D700, somehow, but it has weather sealing, which interests me since I’m from Romania and it makes it easier to shoot it during winter. The MM doesn’t bring so many advantages vs converting to B&W from M9, at least at my level of photography.

        Decisions decisions 🙂 We do leave in a spoiled world (my grandma’ had to run away from home barefooted for 600kms as the Russians were coming raping and killing) – so people today have no idea what luxury they live in 🙂

  • Yung-Hsin Chen

    Excellent IQ for both DNG and Jpeg files if compared with the predecessor M, except those for flower. Fine details and subtlety are visible via hi-pixel monitors such as Dell 2711 and Apple Mac 15″ Retina, even be enlarged.

    Red color seems to be a little bit over-emphasized and not so much for green color, perhaps due to the scene. Posting more samples covering majority of green and yellow color in the image by next version of firmware will be highly appreciated.
    Leica has done good job! Cheers!

    • the red isn’t from the screen, it’s from the camera that you love so much. My screen is calibrated and I can see red glow. Even look at the homeless man’s skin, he’s glowing.

      • Yung-Hsin Chen

        Thank you for your comments. Do you look at the jpeg file or the preview of DNG file? The jpeg file presents more red cue that the preview of DNG on the Apple Mac 15″ Retina.
        How about the green color? is it correct on your screen?

        • i just looked at the jpeg… i know i should be looking at RAW, but if that’s a preview of what the image quality is like, it looks weird how it glows on the edges.

          • Yung-Hsin Chen

            If the red jacket is made of nylon or polyester fabric rather than cottom, it is possible to glow at the edge due to reflection of sun light.
            I’ve developed the DNG into Jpeg without any adjustment, and the IQ difference between it and the preview of DNG file are too trivial to be seen.
            As for the out-of-camera Jpeg, Leica seems lift the fog from DNG development and add contrast or a little bit saturation to make the Jpeg looks more “pop” or like “trasparency film look” to appeal potential customers who majorly use OOC Jpeg.


    I do love the building shot, but sadly there seems an awful lot of either dust or oily marks in the sky on your copy. Not seen that on the one I recently tested in the UK so hope its a one off!

  • Boosh

    Thanks for the photos but – Sorry. I think the photo of the homeless person who is clearly in dire trouble (take a look at those ankles) is really very inappropriate. If this was you, how would you feel?

    • I am not the first or the last person to take a picture of a homeless person – he was on a public street and I don’t see anything inappropriate about taking his photo.

      • Orpick Aname

        it’s in poor taste (no pun)

      • Boosh

        I don’t have a problem wth the kind of image but the context, sample iamges of a $5K camera, makes it entirely inappropriate, IMO.

        • omfg

          Boosh, you’re the embodyment of puritanism and politically correctness… you’re also probably saying “african american” and you’re “making love”… take a chill pill dude… it’s called “street photography”… jeez

          • omfg

            oh, and btw… while you’re being lazy writing luxuriously on forums over internet, there are people who die of hunger in this world, so seriously dude… how can you live with yourself… totally inapropriate of you…

      • Woosh

        Think about your comment when someone starts snapping away photographs of your little daughter on a public street…

  • This camera has been out for quite some time now and EVERY reviewer shows us pictures of signs, walls and flowers. Doesn’t anyone shoot actual, living people? Yeah, there’s an occasional grab shot of someone walking by on the street, but I haven’t seen as much as 2 proper portraits from this camera since its release. I guess I’m the only person in the entire world who is concerned how this camera renders skin tones…

    • Rayden

      Thats a damn good point Ric. I can’t beleive the reviewers don’t put more importance on skin tones – it does tell you alot about the reviewer though. Steve Huff, has a few portraits in his gallery, most of these he has converted to black and white unfortunately, but the ones he hasn’t, are, I have to say ordinary at best. I wish it wasn’t the case because I want this camera to be good. It’s just not giving the results. That doesn’t stop the leica fan boys – seen throughout this post – from trying to stop any negative like feedback.

      See the portraits at the bottom of this post of the guy with the blue/green shirt, Huff tried quite unsuccessfully to correct that – both versions shown in the post, I tried and got closer, but still, its so far off, its like theres something very wrong here.


    • omfg

      genotypewr… is that you?

      • Nope… I respect MK too much to spell Raiden’s name wrong. Plus we gods don’t impersonate one another.

  • Chris

    What is going on with the black Austin Martin shot, a blue line running over the entire picture at the right front light? Thanks for uploading DNG files they generally look stunning, however they have not quite as much leverage as RX1.

  • Barun

    I’m a Leica enthusiast requesting all of your advice. I loved using the R 6.2 (film) body with a 50 mm Summilux f/1.4 lens, and now use the D-Lux 5. But I miss the fabulous 50 mm lens and have been very tempted to buy the new M 240 and use it only with the R adapter and my old lens. Is that a smart thing to do — will I get outstanding results? Has anyone used the M with R lenses? Thoughts anyone? Many thanks.

  • Dad

    Grow up! All of you.

  • tjholowaychuk

    Dear Leica, please make better cameras, I want one but I can’t justify paying for a sensor that is far worse than cameras I already own. The bodies are fantastic otherwise, except for the nasty display bezels

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