JnK and Arte di Mano leather cases for Leica cameras


JnK is another manufacturer of high end leather cases for Leica cameras and accessories located in Korea (see also their Arte di Mano collection). I had the chance to try one of the Arte di Mano cases in the Leica Store in Miami and it's one of the best cases I have ever seen. Of course the price is also very high - the case I tried was $390 (with embedded tripod mount). Some other models cost over $1000.

JnK and Arte di Mano cases can be purchased at Dale Photo and Digital and eBay.

More JnK Leica cases:

1-2 1
2-2 2-3
cm 2-1
m6 m31
1-1 1_sejun99

The making of a JnK Leica X1 half case:

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  • marcosimone

    “arte di mano”?? )))) in italian if you say Arte di Mano all people will joke on you about masturbation ))))) very funny)))

    • EBLIS

      Maybe that’s what they meant. Cause for most of Leica owners it’s about masturbation 🙂

      • Camaman

        Fapping articles as they may be on will loose their hard on when they see the $400-1000 price tag

  • M9

    I much prefer these cases to the leicatime ones. The rear of the JnK case frames the LCD of my M9 perfectly.

    • I agree, those cases fit like a glove to the camera. It almost looks like they are glued to the body.

  • 103David

    Another codpiece.

  • Kynikos


  • looh

    All cases for digital Leicas. Sort of explains what kind of customer these whole set of things are targeting at.

  • granddad

    I know Jnk. they make amazing work. If you can meet one of their piece, you will feel a sense of betrayal about other brands include one of italy. the fitting is perfect! put your camera to their case just once. that’s it.

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