Leica Gallery Salzburg shows works by the photographer and jazz trumpeter Till Bronner


Solms (ots) - Till Bronner is true not only in Germany but also in international comparison as one of the best jazz trumpeter. That the musicians but also for years dealing intensively with photography, is less known.The Leica Gallery Salzburg is now 17 May to 06 July 2013 Brönners work in the exhibition "Faces of talent," in Bronner, a series of black-and-white portraits of famous personalities from the show business presents.The selection shows including images of U.S. singer Beth Ditto and Ms. Maad Moiselle, the German jazz musician Roger Cicero and the actor Armin Mueller-Stahl. On the evening of 16 May 2013 Till Bronner is "Faces of talent" and personally, to open along with the head of the Leica Gallery in Salzburg, Karin Rehn-Kaufmann.

"Till Bronner is one of those exceptional talents, artistic not only succeeded in one of the genre," says Karin Rehn-Kaufmann. "The expressive character portraits that Till has made of actor friends and fellow musicians to show the potential that lies in the photographer Bronner. We are pleased to offer this largely unknown Photography talent a platform." During the exhibition, Leica Camera AG Leica opened a new boutique in the gallery space.

For more information, see www.leica-camera.com or under www.leica-gallery-salzburg.at.

Over Till Bronner

Born in 1971 in Viersen and raised in Rome, Bronner studied classical trumpet and jazz trumpet, gave concerts with jazz greats such as Dave Brubeck, Natalie Cole, Tony Bennett or Klaus Doldinger before his 1998 debut album "Love" was released. To date, he has released twelve albums under his own name. The last two albums reached the top ten placings in the German charts have been published in over 40 countries and brought Broenner the fourth and fifth ECHO music award in a row. The passionate Leica fan also joined for Leica Camera AG on several occasions, including in 2012 for Photography photokina and together with Twelve Cellists of the Berlin Philharmonic on the occasion of its 40th anniversary. His passion for portrait photography discovered Till Bronner with a Leica Digilux 3 His portraits are created in part with a Leica S2 medium format camera. More information about Till Bronner see www.tillbroenner.com.

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    That title photo is really disturbing.

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      • Takes one to know one

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      Yeah except that ‘disturbing’ would be an understatement…it’s gross…ugh.

      The comments below about assh*le is spot on.

      What were they thinking?

  • joe

    Oh come on leica, what a joke! another wannabe photographer. give your camera to a true pro photographer and not to musicians who wear your cameras like rolex.

    • V

      So, to you? Please show your portfolio when you are complaining on other photographers. If you have one.

      • joe

        I never boasted with my ‘portfolio’ V, nor I ever held public exhibition of my work. But one things for sure, I would never publish a photo like that one publicly after realising how the photo came up.

  • 103David

    I’m usually much too much a gentleman to comment on one like this…but it does remind me of the view of the south end of a north bound Pug.

  • ” That the musicians but also for years dealing intensively with photography, is less known.”

    Wow, German translated word by word into English.

  • 103David

    But here’s the scary part…there’s fanboys out there getin’ all hot ‘n bothered about this one…

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    The girl in that photo probably feels sorry now for making that unsavory grimace 🙁

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      I’ll have to agree with you

  • genotypewriter@gmail.com

    Check that 400×80 canvas print of Salzburg 360 panorama, asking price “only” Eur 7800.

    Oh my…they probably think Leica crowd is mad when it comes to money.

    • Roscoe Tanner

      Priced right…for idiots that is…and those unskilled Leica owners that don’t believe they could produce this 800×40 print on canvas by themselves for about ~US$250

      • V.

        Could you post a link to where I can get a 400x80cm print for 200€?

        Most I know of is a lot more expensive, but I would very much like to use your source if possible… How’s the quality?

        • JakeB

          I agree with Roscoe, and not everyone is expected to pay exorbitant Euro amounts for something others get for much cheaper.

          Euro zone needs to finally wake up to the fact it ain’t “silly money 1990s” any more guys…

          • Michael Kostan

            Well said…wake up call i slong overdue, and most seem to be ignoring the fact.

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    Since we’ve all had the same image in our mind, it’s obvious that we’ve all seen too much porn!!

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    Beautiful woman makes a fool of herself……. she had to know this didn’t she??? Why would the photographer even take it??? He had to know, didn’t he???

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    However many comments, still the south end of a northbound pug.

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