Leica V-lux 40 listed as discontinued


The compact Leica V-Lux 40 camera is listed as discontinued at B&H. Expect Leica to announce a new V-Lux 50 model which will most likely be based on the Panasonic SZ30 with a 24mm 20x optical zoom lens, 3.0" multi-touch LCD display (920K dots) and 18.1MP 1/2.3" sensor.

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  • CA Adviser

    I sincerely hope the Leica Vlux 50 will be based on the Panasonic LUMIX ZS40 now it’s out, anything less would be a disappointment!

  • Breathing

    when is the Leica V-lux 50 expect to come out?

  • Renato Ramalho

    bought a V Lux 40 camera in 2012. Few months ago it started to presente a
    System Error (Zoom) message at the screen. I sent it to Leica US customer
    service and the answer was: ” our camera has been evaluated by our
    technician and found to require a new lens assembly. It is with great regret
    that I inform you that we no longer have that part available to repair the
    camera. The camera cannot be repaired.”

    After a few days my brother in law, that bought the same camera showed me his
    Leica with the same problem. I sent a message to Leica telling them that maybe
    it was a problem subject to a recall and the message from them: “The
    camera cannot be repaired-parts are no available.” The only solution that
    they gave me was a US$ 100 discount buying a new diferente model. Amazing isnt
    it??? Just as a curiosity in the begginig of this discussion Leica customer
    service told me that the camera with a problem would not sent back to me! I
    have to ask them to kindly send me…I paid for it!

    • maureen

      did u get your camera back?
      I experienced the same problem..worked out that it could be condensation on the lens..and stored in in a heated cupboard for a couple of days..its working fine now!

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