What could be the new Leica Mini M?

Leica Mini M camera teaser

What kind of camera will be the new Mini M? First, I believe it will not be called Mini M, in fact I think it will have nothing to do with a "real" M rangefinder. The new teaser is kind of confusing in that sense because the X2 and D-Lux 6 are not really M cameras - it's the same as calling the M 240 a "Mini S". Here are some of the possible options for the Mini M:

  1. Same as the Leica M type 240 but without the mechanical rangefinder - I don't think this will happen, focusing is going to be problematic (you can still use focus peaking, but not a good solution).
  2. Smaller digital full frame rangefinder like the Leica CL - I don't think at that point it is possible to make a full frame digital rangefinder any smaller, it won't happen.
  3. A new, cheaper, full size rangefinder with an APS-C sensor similar to the M8. I actually like this option but I just don't think many people will be interested since used M8 cameras are still widely available.
  4. New compact full frame camera similar to the Sony RX1. This options makes a lot sense. I believe with the RX1, Sony has stolen a small chunk of potential M buyers from Leica (I am one of them) and Leica may have decided to compete directly in that segment.
  5. A true new, mirrorless, interchangeable lens system camera - those are the rumors that have been going on for a while. This will mean that Leica will introduce a new mount and I have hard time believing that. Of course the camera will be compatible with M and R lenses.
  6. A new X-type camera with a fixed zoom lens and some of the technologies used in the new M type 240. I believe this is the most likely scenario. The camera will probably have an APS-C sensor and it will be the world's first compact APS-C camera with a fixed zoom lens (the Nikon Coolpix A and Ricoh GR have fixed focal length lenses).

My vote goes for option #6. I believe #4 and #5 are also plausible. So far I have not seen any invitation for a major event on June 11. Leica will not announce a major product without a big venue and this again points to a new X model. The price point of the Mini M will be placed between the M-E ($5,450) and the X2 ($2,000) - maybe around $3,000-$4,000.

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  • padam


    I wouldn’t be surprised if it would be compatible with these lenses.

  • It’s like a Leica M (Type 240), but with mini price 3000$…

  • Adrian G.

    Probably my favorite scenario is the Nº3 a full size rangefinder body with a modern APS-C sensor to compete directly with the Fuji X-Pro 1, i think Leica is loosing some market thanks to that camera, i kinda liked the idea of having the fuji but i want a real rangefinder mechanism, i was thinking about the M8 but i practically live at nights and sleep all day so the HI ISO performance of the M8 is kinda a problem for me, well… i’ll have fingers crossed and hope for the best.

    • I like that idea too – basically a Leica M8 with a modern sensor.

    • J. Dennis Thomas

      The high ISO performance of the M8 is vastly underrated. I shoot concerts and I’ve had very good experiences shooting the M8 at 1250. I think the bad rap about ISO performance is based on people not understanding how the metering on the M8 works and they’re not nailing the exposures.

      In any case, don’t skip over the M8 if you haven’t tried one.

      How I ended up with the M8 was that I was looking a the X-100 and I didn’t want to be stuck with a fixed lens. So then I made up my mind to buy the X-Pro1. Well I hated it. It is so inelegant to operate that I wanted to throw it at a wall every time I used it.

      I decided to buy the “crappy” old M8 until I saved up for an M-E. Well, I have enough for the M-E, but the M8 is working out so well that I went to pick up my M-E when it came in and shot a few frames with it and realized that I was fine with the M8.

      So anyway, don’t overlook the M8. This Mini-M could drive the price down even further and honestly, it’s a great camera even if it IS old by digital camera standards.

      Take a look at some of my low-light M8 shots on flickr.

      • bmmau

        Hear hear…

      • mardock

        Anyone who would pick an M8 or an M-E over an X-Pro 1 is completely out to lunch…for several reasons.

        • J. Dennis Thomas

          I guess you know what I need from my equipment better than I do?

          The M-E is no faster than the M8. I don’t need the extra 8MP. It’s only one stop better in low-light and my lenses cover the focal lengths I need.

          The XPro-1 is slow to AF and remarkably even slower to manually focus. The whole camera is a real pain to use.

          I don’t need the M-E to prove my worth as a photographer. I choose the gear that works best for me.

          • Anon

            Let’s be fair here, you say the X-Pro is a pain to use, but others feel differently. Either choice is a compromise and personal preference. You want to shoot something like 135mm accurately with your M8 and have a good idea what you are framing is in focus wide open? Good luck. I shot an adapted G 90mm on the X-Pro last night effortlessly, even with fast moving subjects at a swim meet. And the high ISO performance simply slays the M8, no joke. The only time you have a chance with the M8 is on a well lit stage – as a concert photog you know how rare that can be. Cool that it works for you but the X-Pro works just as well for others and offers so much more flexibility – AF, High ISO, hybrid viewfinder, etc.

          • J. Dennis Thomas

            I’m not sure where you’re going with this. Of course it’s personal preference and there are compromises with any system.

            I didn’t say that the M8 was “better” than the XPro1. My only advice to the OP was not to overlook the M8.

            In any case, you say the XPro offers more flexibility. Yes, maybe over an M8 for some, but it could just as easily be said that a D5200 offers more flexibility over the XPro since the AF is faster and the high ISO “slays” the XPro. You’re reading too much into what I wrote.

            Aso I wouldn’t shoot a 135 on an M8. I’d use one of my Nikons. It’s a better tool for telephoto and ultra-wide work.

            I’m not telling people what they should and shouldn’t use. I was simply offering a small bit of advice from my experience. So no need to be condescending. “Cool that the XPro works for you”

        • Owner

          LOL @ you. dead wrong. the X-pro 1 is just another manufactured japanese generic camera built to fool people like you….badly made, poor materials, terrible user interface, annoying EVF, and NO rangefinder by any means. It is no substitute for the real deal. A shame you couldn’t spend the money and get a real Leica.

          • Baldi01

            I’m both a leica and fuji owner/shooter , the xpro 1 is not a rangefinder but it has the same spirit! The camera and lenses are amazing, the IQ is awesome. It’s a great built camera. So I just don’t agree with you .
            Leica is and always will be leica, but that doesn’t mean the others are shit.

          • MJr

            So similar, yet not even close. 🙂

      • awesome shots…but can I get a one lens kit for under 1000$ ( not comparing with anything, just wandering about the prices ) ? or which combo could I find cheaper : M8 with 35cron…or M6 with 50cron ? ( i shoot a lot of film )

        • J. Dennis Thomas

          Well, the cheapest I’ve seen an M8 body go for is $1800. No way you’re getting a digital kit for under $2K. About $2.5K is what you’d have to spend at least.

          and an cheap M6 body is going to set you back probably $900 at the least, and a 50 ‘cron is had to gauge a price on because there were many different versions over the years. There’s an old one on craigslist in Austin for $300, but realistically you’re going to spend about $6-700.

          Buying into the Leica system still isn’t cheap. You could start with a CL and a 40mm summicron for less than $1000. That’s a cool little basic starter kit.

          • I see…well, a CL sounds pretty good,thanks for the info…good luck with your M8 ( I never really understood why people didn’t like it, i rarely shoot above iso 1250 with my K-7, and with film I mostly use 200, rarely 400, it’s not like i need to be shooting at f8 or something)

          • J. Dennis Thomas

            The CL is one of those rare gems in the Leica system. Looked down on by some, but if you take it for what it is, it’s a really cool camera and a great introduction to the Leica system. The 40mm Summicron’s are nice compact lenses and if you step up to an M8 sometime in the future the 40 lines up pretty accurately with the 35mm framelines on the original M8 (not so much on the 8.2)

  • girman

    Put a Nikon d3s sensor, or a sensor that works fine for real at high iso into your camera and, Leica, you will be the winner!! We are just waiting for that..

    • A. Lurker

      A ‘Nikon’ sensor in any Leica? Do you understand the concept of ‘corporate shame’?

      • Rosa M.

        My guess is it’s a Leica Digilux 4 , aka , Leica Mini M
        X2 with built in EVF and fixed f 2.0 29-90 mm zoom

        • JJB

          That D4 guess sounds like a great camera, one I would like, but rather pricey. For $3500, I might still rather buy the RX1, especially if the Mini M sensor does not measure up to the RX1’s FF.

          I really cannot pretend to know what Leica is doing. They promised an EVIL system camera in this same price slot last year, then backtracked and told us it is just not feasible as they could not supply enough lenses for such a new system given their existing lens supply issues.

          I think there are two very fundamental questions here: 1) will the Mini M offer interchangeable lenses (I/L), or will it be non- I/L; and 2) what sensor will Leica use, FF, APS, or smaller?

          I could add one more question. Does Leica intend for the M-E and the X2 to continue in their lineup at their existing prices? I don’t think sales are very strong for either model. Maybe there will be some lineup juggling there.

  • waterengineer

    Wouldn’t it be sweet if the body used Leica R lenses as the native lens.

  • kahudson

    So option six is essentially a m43-style version of a Digilux 2?

    • yes, with a APS-C sensor and a fixed zoom lens

      • james

        not sure why Leica would bother with APS-C.

        it would be going up against Fuji X and Sony Nex with Zeiss and Fuji lenses, makes no sense and would make no market headway
        it needs a Leica USP.
        now APS-H with RF would be nice

      • kahudson

        The Leica D2 did have a fixed zoom and seems well-regarded even if it is rather long in the tooth. An option six camera will not transform or remake the market that Leica faces. It will cost far more than similar Fuji and Olympus cameras and provide fewer amenities that camera buyers in that market seek. (I find very few camera buyers will to pay for the differences between APS-C and m43 sensors than those willing to pay for the difference in full-frame versus non-full frame.) In so many ways, Leica prides itself on simplicity and elegance in design. Why can’t they have that in lines? The S, the M, a revamped and competitive X and the compact camera. The X should be revamped and competing with the Fuji, Olympus and Sony counterparts, not a mystery camera.

  • geekchau

    I wonder if it has anything to do with Panasonic’s yet to be announced camera. If so, it could be a successor to the Digilux 3…

  • Christian

    I guess the thing that (sort of) makes sense is a X with the new M FF and fixed 35/2 to compete directly with RX1. Why not just take the X keep the APS-C and add 50 equivalent 1.4 with real in-body IS and improved AF and ISO performance. EVF sold separately like you do now. IQ of X is fantastic already. And the body is just lovely. I adore my X2. Would take a very nice place in an already crowded and hyper competitive market. Oh you if you can make that pop-up flash thingy swiffle vertical and horizontal that would be just great 🙂

  • james

    no way will this be fixed focal length
    Leica doesn’t need another one
    its also hard to believe that such a small company will produce a third mount type.
    I expect either a cut down rangefinder (Leica CL) or a new AF camera based on M mount

    • Either way, an interesting development. At least Leica is trying something different while other companies are just copying the competition.

      • Alan

        Is it conceivable for Leica to join the micro four thirds
        group and have a Leica version of the rumored Panasonic GX2 model? I know they indicated in the past they weren’t too happy with systems that used software lens corrections, but mirrorless systems have a growing momentum.
        Leica have made past noises about a new mirrorless system but I doubt it would make commercial sense to start off a completely new go-it-alone system.

        • Pat Mann

          Mini is larger than Micro, so if they’ve got their language right, this won’t be MFT. A digital CL, a full-frame fixed-lens compact, or a zoom X would all be consistent. MFT not so much.

        • MJr

          That’s why it’s probably not a new ‘system’ then. More likely fixed lens, which can either be fixed-focal or zoom. And as it is placed above X2 i would expect a Fullframe RX1 competitor. 🙂

          Can you imagine a 50 summilux on there ? That’s what many do with the M anyways, why not get it in one (compact) deal. 😉 Personally i would prefer a 35 though. Or a 40 like my Rollei 35S, just to mix it up.

          • To be placed above the X2, the new camera will most likely have a viewfinder and design similar to the M.

          • MJr

            Well anything fullframe would be above the X2, and any fixed lens fullframe is kind-of a RX1 competitor, but a viewfinder, well i hope so, but i don’t think there’s proof. 😛

            Actually, we don’t know if it’s going to be Manual Focus or AF either, do we ? Hope it’s manual, what else are they Leica for.

      • Anthony

        My opinion is that Leica has to compete directly with Sony RX1, is a camera that has a 24 megapixel ff sensor (like the M). For me the M mini will be with the same sensor and fixed lens. It’s the only way they can compete directly with the RX1, if not do is the RX1 and Sony will win.

    • MJr

      I would love a wide-angle Leica. No rangefinder so more room to put a OVF of choice on the hot-shoe, and zone focus a nice 21, 18mm or 15mm so. While a accessory port provides the option for a EVF to focus peak ANY other optics. 🙂

    • Andy

      I don’t think they would introduce a new lens mount just for this as it would cut into M sales and cost a lot to develop. It would either have to be a built in lens or M mount.
      A built in lens would undoubtedly be fixed focal length. With APS-C sensor or larger, a zoom lens would make the camera large like a canon G1X

      AF M mount? Not a chance. People would stop buying the M 240 immediately.

  • Mistral75

    M 240 is not a “Mini S”. It’s Leica S which is a “Mega M” ;).

  • VP

    “… it will be the world’s first compact APS-C camera with a fixed zoom lens…”

    The Canon GX1 is a compact APS-C camera with a fixed zoom lens (28-112mm FF equivalent).

    • The Canon GX1 is not APS-C. Only Sigma, Leica, Nikon and Ricoh have compact APS-C based cameras.

  • bmmau

    A full frame three layered Foveon sensor and mount please

    • Gorodish

      Now that would be my idea of photographic heaven! Foveon sensor with interchangeable Leica glass! I’d even settle for a Leica version of the DP Merrill’s with a fixed Summilux lens. 🙂

    • MJr

      Not until Foveon stops outputting completely made-up colors.

  • bmmau

    Should read m mount

  • Ken Elliott

    What should Leica’s reaction to Fujifilm outstanding sales of Leica-like products be? Surely that is the question the Leica brass is asking themselves. What would make those people chose Leica instead? I see two likely options:

    1 – Fixed Lens APS-C rangefinder. Fujifilm is selling a lot of X100s cameras. Surely a real Leica with the same specs could bring US$2-3 thousand?

    2 – All-electronic camera. Leica’s cost issue is all the tiny parts – both optical and mechanical. It is well understood in manufacturing: cut the parts count and cost goes down while quality goes up. Both of these are Leica goals. The best way to design a camera with the lowest part count is a mirrorless design with an electronic viewfinder. Somewhat like a NEX-7, Nikon V1 & V2, and the Fujifilm X-E1. Using Panasonic electronics, Leica could offer an M-mount body, with an electronic viewfinder offering focus peaking, instant magnification, and other focusing aids. I think they would do exceptional design that would become something that would bring more new customers to Leica.

    • My choice would be the M 240 with a fixed 35 or 50mm Summilux for max. $5k. I know it will never happen.

    • owner

      it’s hilarious how some of you commoners think that Leica give a crap what Fuji are making……..hilarious actually. Reality check…Leica don’t give a crap for what Fuji are making. Leica are several notches above Fuji in price, in build quality, and in quality….Fuji is just fooling sheep like you into believing it’s “like a Leica”….in reality it is NOTHING like a Leica.

  • Gorodish

    I vote for option 5. Why not a new mount? Are we assuming that Leica will be locked into the manual M mount forever? Leica has shown it is willing and able to create AF lenses with the S. I am hoping for a small mirrorless FF camera with state-of-the-art OLED EVF, focus peaking and the ability to take M and R lenses with adaptor, i.e. a FF Leica version of the NEX 7. With a new AF lens line optimized for digital sensors, similar to what Zeiss is offering with their new Touit line, this could be the camera to carry Leica into the future. Keep the M as a legacy system for rangefinder fans and position this camera as a platform for future growth.

    • Those have been the rumors for the past few years. I somehow lost hope for such camera.

      • bmmau

        Sounds good…

  • Steven Pinker

    I vote for Option 1. Leica’s unique strengths are its small but outstanding lenses, the full-frame M 240 sensor which can accommodate them without vignetting or magenta corners, and its elegant design. But for many photographers the rangefinder mechanism is an anachronism. It is expensive, delicate, space-consuming, inaccurate (compared to magnification and focus peaking), and useless for most wide-angle ( 135 mm) shooting. For the first time, the combination of a CMOS sensor and an EVF makes the rangefinder mechanism dispensable. For those photographers who aren’t attached to rangefinder focusing, why not provide all of Leica’s other advantages in a smaller, lighter, more robust, less expensive, and more elegant package? That is what Fuji did with the XE1, and it’s successful both in sales and in reviews.

  • Hawkeye

    I think “M” would suggest interchangable lenses? I would guess a cross between the X2 and M9. About the same size as the X100s, APS-C size sensor(maybe even the same one thats in the X2). Built in OVF. Priced at $1.5-$3K for the body only.

    Wasnt there a rumor that Jony Ivy was designing something for them?

  • Adam

    It’ll be interesting if they used Sony E mount standard for the APSC Leica Mini M. But at the same time, makes sense in a way cause theres already a bunch of great M to E converters out there. Heck, Leica could make their own converter too.

  • Hendrik

    What i really wished for:
    1. Smaller body compared to current M
    2. Reasonable dof control APSC-APSH without AA filter
    3. Faster flash sync speed (1/2000)
    4. Reasonable pricing (somewhere around 3000usd)
    5. EVF and focus peaking (using “point n enlarge” also helps)
    6. ISO speed up to 3200
    7. Weather seal (optional)
    8. Package discount with summarit lenses (optional)

  • 103David

    I can’t believe no one has realized the teaser photograph is, in fact, a picture of the new camera itself. With a black body, bright red logo, it’s an all very Leica design.
    What? You never heard of a box camera?

  • Bob

    On a business point of view I can see few important things in the actual market:

    – Full Frame sensors are entering more and more “low price” market. ie D600 at a point that people may get Full Frame sensors in any middle-range camera quite soon (a D7100 like with FF sensor)

    – Sony launched its RX1 and it is frankly stealing customers from Leica. Those who want a Full Frame sensor in a small body with a general bright lens of F2: they don’t buy ME + 35 summicron anymore.

    – There are a lot of rumors about brands like Sony, Samsung etc preparing the launch of FF mirrorless with interchangeable lenses for 2014. This is a treat for Leica because it their territory.

    – With the launch of the New M, they improve their margin by scale saving. The more they will buy that FF sensor…the cheaper it will cost to make and the more margin they will make. Don’t forget that a FF sensor cost a lot to make and direct benefits are the main aim when you launch a new product. The faster it comes…the more money you will make in the long run.

    – One of the part that make Leica M so expensive is mainly the presence of complex, hard to keep accurante Rangefinder. If you have ever opened a Leica M…you know the top plate is just full of mirrors, prisms and complex mecanism. It could be quite easy to cut cost by a very high margin if providing a M without its rangefinder. Moreover…more and more people don’t care the electronic viewfinder anymore in comparison with optical vf…so there is a target who will be happy with a mix of electronical vf and liveview. Check Nex6 and Nex7 and OMD sales. Also people using the X100 only with electronical vf for more accuracy represent a lot of people.

    So……….all in all:

    My guess is:

    – New Leica M-like camera, smaller, with no rangefinder but an electronical vf + the current FF sensor with Liveview / video.

    Price range: 3800 euros.


    – a Leica X2-like bigger with electronical vf + Current FF sensor with Liveview / video.

    Possibly X-Pro 1 like with interchangeable lenses.

    Price range: 3800 euro

  • Sebastian

    A good way forward would be a m43 camera. Use parts from Panasonic, stuff them into a nicely designed body, same with a few of the Panasonic m43 primes like the 14 2.5 and 20 1.7. Then they can add on in the future.
    Do I think this is going to happen? No.

  • AMJ

    you sure they can’t make a digital CL ?
    that would be just beyond perfect…

    • kahudson

      A significant part of the CL’s appeal is its smaller size than the full frame film Ms. If we take Leica’s word for it, they had several problems getting a 1.3 crop sensor into the M8 body size. I doubt that they could make it significantly smaller without going to a 1.5 or 2X crop sensor. Plus, part of the problem with the wide angle lenses is that they are “too close” to the sensor. In any smaller body “digital CL” that would also probably be a problem. Alas, I doubt that any digital CL will be a rangefinder.

      • Randall Che Kelley

        See the full frame Sony RX1 and then look at a CL. It is completely doable IF they went to a purpose built non interchangeable lens. Imagine a digital CL but with a fixed 35mm f/2 Leica lens. Some people like focus peaking, but I find it much slower than a rangefinder. Now if there was just some company with experience at making high quality rangefinder mechanisms to put on an RX1 like camera… Oh yeah, wait. Leica would know how. Not that I think they have it in them, but it would compete nicely with RX1 and other mirrorless AND (important to Leica) not undercut the M due to no interchangeable lens.

        • kahudson

          I don’t doubt that you could not put a 35mm, 40mm or 50mm fixed lens on a small full-frame camera. However, that is not a digital CL. The CL was an interchangeable lens camera and I think it would be difficult to reduce the size greatly (such as the relative difference between a CL and a film M) and maintain the interchangeability with native M mounts. What you are describing is a digital Canonet, which I would love.

  • david

    With a fixed lens, Leica could provide a Optical Viewfinder that displays focus electronically via a LCD projector into the OVF and replace the Rangefinder in this way.

  • nino

    hopefully a digital leica cl!!!!

    well if sony can get a fullframe sensor into a tiny body that is smaller then a cl even, why wouldn’t leica be able to pull off a digital cl?

    i mean they said once that there goal is to make small cameras with big sensors!

  • nino

    hopefully a digital leica cl!!!!

    well if sony can get a fullframe sensor into a tiny body that is smaller then a cl even, why wouldn’t leica be able to pull off a digital cl?

    i mean they said once that there goal is to make small cameras with big sensors!

  • OK – I’m going to guess a MILC. I don’t want to guess if it’s APS or FF. I’ll guess an auto-focus M mount, backward compatible like Pentax, with an adapter.

    Feel free to critique.

  • Alaa

    In the past I’ve frequently argued against the EVIL/mirrorless Option #5,
    including the following post:


    My bet goes with a $3.xxxK Option #6.

  • Jakesm

    #6 gets my vote!

  • Dave

    I’d like to see an X100s competitor but with several key improvements.

    – smaller and lighter body
    – better quality leica optics (the fuji lens is not great in the corners)
    – weather sealing
    – no need for hybrid VF, just EVF; 2M dots
    – higer res screen from M 240

    I’d happily pay twice the price of the fuji X100s for this as long as the electronic side of camera was up to the same standard as the Fuji. I’d buy this over the RX1 too.

  • dannybuoy

    Looking at the box, it seems quite slim. Which would suggest it is a body that needs lenses or its a compact with a built in lens. Or the box could be a mock up. But having time to think, I imagine its a full frame body (or APS-C) with a fixed lens in a tri-elmar style. 3 focal lengths. 21mm, 35mm and 50mm would be a nice combo. Or it could start at 35mm and go up to 90mm. That would be a pretty sweet little camera. But I really can’t see them making a canibal camera that will eat into M sales. But. We’re all speculating. It could be anything!

    • MJr

      The box could be a mock up ? No way, it is the real box ! 😉

      • dannybuoy

        Yeah. That’s why I said it could be a mock up 🙂

  • BeHofi

    If you look at the order of the cameras shown, considering “leica,mini,micro,nano” it looks to me as if these cameras are ordered by sensor size. Apparently, “Mini” should therefore represent a camera with sensor size being between APS-C (X2) and fullframe (M).
    As the X2 is fixed lens and the M is exchangeable lens–> Leica Mini—i wish it was “fixed zoom lens” 24-90 /f2 like the old Digilux2. It would be a smasher (nothing comparable in the market..)

  • LOL

    1) Make FF mirrorless with M-mount
    2) Shut up
    3) Take my money

    • Clint

      They did.
      It’s called the M240.
      Get in line.

      • LOL

        800g weight and toy called “rangefinder” I’m not going to use anyway? No, I won’t buy it.

  • mnp

    Panasonic GX2 with red logo and triple price?

  • Bernard J.

    I would like to find a digital version of my former and beloved Leica CL.

  • ErnestM

    I have a feeling that whatever Leica conjures up there will be a group of people in praise, and another in disappointment. Either way I still wont be able to afford it haha. Leica knows they can make (and sell) gear at the prices they command. Marketing at its finest – so it seems that you would be wasting your time bickering about price point.

  • Ranger 9

    “Same as the Leica M type 240 but without the mechanical rangefinder – I don’t think this will happen, focusing is going to be problematic (you can still use focus peaking, but not a good solution).”

    I’m sure you’re right, but let me air an idea that has been in my mind for a long time. First some basic premises:

    — The advantages of an optical rangefinder camera are that there’s no blackout, you can see outside the picture area, and focusing accuracy is the same regardless of the type of lens fitted.

    — The disadvantage is that an optical rangefinder is a very complicated assembly that requires huge precision and careful calibration, making good ones unavoidably expensive.

    Now an observation:

    — Camera modules with 4mp or more are now small enough to include in phones.

    — Electronic viewfinders have reached the point that even Leica feels they are good enough to include in the M system.

    Now contemplate this:

    — Suppose someone designed a module with TWO small, high-quality cameras positioned, shall we say, 61.7mm apart. These modules would feed into a high-quality EVF. One would provide an overall finder image, and the other would provide a central “rangefinder” image. Framelines could be superimposed onto this display to accommodate a range of lens focal lengths (even zooms.)

    This module would provide all the advantages of an EVF (such as “gain up” in dim light and a magnified view when desired) along with many of the advantages of an optical rangefinder, in a unit that would NOT require painstaking and expensive precision assembly and hand calibration. Add an encoder to read the position of an M lens’ focusing cam and you’d have the makings of a very modern true rangefinder camera.

    Yes, I know, it will never happen, but I can dream, can’t I?

    • Pat Mann

      Or build an 8 mp hyperfocal camera in the form factor of the old M meter, put it in the accessory shoe of your M-whatever, and have it fire when the camera fires, writing to an SD card. A stealth digital M1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6!

  • kb

    I think Leica should concentrate on supply of the M 240 available before they many anything new, the 240 is still not in stock anywhere in USA… Ridiculous.. I know they like to fix pricing a la DeBeers but its a real insult to its customers to spread the production resources like this.

    • kahudson

      Exactly! They have difficulty keeping M and M lenses in stock and have had difficulty doing the same with the availability of S lenses on their original schedule. Leica is not Canon or Nikon, it isn’t as big and apparently doesn’t have the production capacity. It should really focus on doing what it does well. Another camera? Maybe, they can manage that. Another set of lenses? The buyers of that camera will be waiting for a while.

  • Aj

    Why is the most logical option not included? Leica has a partnership with panasonic. For example they got the EVF’s via this deal. Now panasonic is reviving the L1 which was rebranded as the digilux 3. This revival comes in the form of a m4/3 body with a tiltable buildin EVF. Leica allready made two m4/3 lenses for panasonic, the only thing missing is a body.
    it is quite a logical move…

    • That is similar to what I wrote, below. I agree.

      “I’m going to guess a MILC. I’ll guess an auto-focus M mount, backward compatible like Pentax.”

      • peter

        There is no way that Leica will do auto-focus M mount any time soon because users of just released M 240 will be completely pissed off that their $7000 camera can’t communicate with the new lens properly.

    • I mentioned in my previous post that the camera will be made in Germany. I am 100% sure about that, so it cannot be a Panaleica.

      • aj

        That would indeed make this impossible. Weird, because it seems so logical.

  • M!

    of course it will not be called “Mini M”. if you actually looked at their original uncropped photo, it reads “Leica M, ? Mini M, X2 Micro M, D-Lux 6 Nano M”. the Mini M is priced and spec’d in between the M system and X2. It can only be one of two: (1) RX-1 / X100S equivalent fixed lens camera with at least an APS-C size sensor. (2) mirrorless interchangeable lens camera. if Sony can price an RX-1 at $3000 certainly Leica can do so. however, i still feel it is more profitable for leica to rebrand a Panasonic Lumix GH3 or something and ‘made in germany’ with parts shipped out to them for final assembly. i mean, if there are people who actually pays $7000 for a Hasselblad Lunar with a Made in Sweden stamp off a rebranded NEX-7, Leica can do it better for this Mini M, and in your very own favourite hue in Ostrich testicle leather.

    • I am not sure who will buy the Hasselblad Lunar. My guess – only collectors. I still think Leica will release a X type camera with a zoom lens and most likely an EVF.

  • OBSKura

    Either APS-c M mount (maybe other mount) mirrorless, or RX1 killer. I don’t really see them competing anywhere else. If they were going to release another fixed lens APS-c they’d just do the x3 already…

  • cdg

    Option N°6 in my opinion too.

  • Mistral75

    Nice, isn’t it?

    • me

      needs more hand support for tele lenses. The idea cannot only be to make the M smaller, but to allow real tele lenses and zomm designs on th M

    • Alex O’Neal

      This one works for me. Even with an APS-C sensor … a range-finderless Live-View/EVF only M-Mount camera …. Leica’s answer to the Fuji EX-1. Would make a lot of sense. Much more sense than a daft slow fixed zoom lens thing.

  • palika

    Seems everybody is taking a leaf from Apple’s playbook…drive up the excitement with an ‘event’, let the rumours swirl ever so faster…
    The big risk of course is that with such high degree of speculation and excitement, the reality might be a disappointment through the entire spectrum.
    In this particular case, I wouldn’t bet a single dime on any of the listed possible scenarios.

  • Toni

    I hope it’s 4 🙂

    • Anthony

      Me too <3Now I have a pig with money in hand! Hahaha

  • Anthony

    I think is 4.… why? Leica has to compete directly with Sony RX1, is a camera that has a 24 megapixel ff sensor (like the M). For me the M mini will be with the same sensor and fixed lens. It’s the only way they can compete directly with the RX1, if not do is the RX1 and Sony will win.

  • Mr Big Shot

    Lets not forget that we spent a year waiting for Leica to launch their mini system camera. THey later strongly denied they ever said it was happening. Which is always the best sign it is happening for sure! At that time they said it would be “at least APS-C” I really think it will be a Full Frame minus the rangefinder. Much like the mock up posted here. WHich is effectively an RX1 with interchangeable lenses. And I wouldn’t be surprised if we will also see some dedicated AF lenses too. The original Barnack evolved and redefined.

  • jamest

    you forgot to add that in the first photo, the mini on facebook was identified by หนักดั่งขุนเขา เบาดุจขนนก

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