More Leica M accessories: leather wrap and vintage camera straps

Two new accessories for Leica M cameras - the first one is a leather camera wrap from

"There's nothing more classic than a leather wrap to put your favorite camera in. This soft leather wrap that we have (and soon to be yours) is made from 100% leather, and the soft inner lining ensures that your gear is well protected. Simply fold it in, and tie a quick knot before slotting it in your favorite camera bag. Yes, this is how the gentlemen photographer will transport his camera around and you should, too."


The second accessory is a new vintage camera leather straps from Figosa:

"The idea was born from the need to have some vintage-style straps for our old photo cameras collection. “Figosa” means in Italian “something cool” and this is what we want to pursuit: to make “cool” our photo cameras, giving them a vintage style! All the Figosa straps are handmade, in genuine leather and available in four colors: black, dark brown, cognac and honey. The metal inserts color can be gold or silver, as the user likes. All the straps are handmade and all the materials used are exclusively made in Italy. It is possible to combine the different leather colors with two metal elements kinds (gold or silver). The straps are available in three sizes: small, medium and large."

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  • Satureyes

    Yawn. More nonsense. A wrap? For the gentleman? The only wrap I need is a Burrito.

  • kshapero

    And what’s wrong with a Burrito?

  • dannybuoy

    I can see you dropping your camera very easily with that wrap. Also it’s only meant for storage right? Can’t imagine that looking very elegant with even the smallest M mount lens onboard. Bloody stupid idea if you ask me.

  • dannybuoy

    But then Kahleesi’s dragon eggs might look good in one

  • Clint

    ‘Hey…..look at that ‘decisive moment’….I better take a pic…..damnit…my Leica is stuck in this damn cowhide….doh…missed the shot!’

  • ginko b

    Another ridiculous aftermarket Leica “product” …

  • fjfjjj

    Whatever, this is so last week. The new classic way for a gentleman to transport his Leica is around his neck with a Fujifilm logo on it.

  • Gimme A Break

    On a “how much of a giant tool will I look wrapping my camera in a random piece of dead cow” scale of 1 to 10, this rates an 11…

  • Me

    I carry around a gutted goat to store mine in.. acts as a backpack…

    • Gimme A Break

      Goat? This is Leica- surely only a unicorn would suffice…

  • Peter

    I hate the marketing bullshit that always accompanies Leica products and accessories.

    “Nothing more classic than a leather wrap”?

    I’ve never heard of anyone wrapping their Leica in a piece of leather; not now and certainly not in the olden days.

    Pretentious and ill conceived. Just wait for the mould to appear once you put your Leica in this for storage.

  • Art

    Nonsense – better take a plasic shopping bag – that is waterproof ;o)

  • Gerrit

    Do you want to be even less ready that neverready? Buy this leather wrap.

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