Estimated shipping dates for Leica M accessories


Most of the Leica M accessories will start shipping in the US next month to existing pre-orders. Here are the details:

Item No Description Available from Retail Price
14495 Multi-function Handgrip M Early August $895.00
14496 Handgrip M Early August $300.00
14642 Leica R-Adapter M Early August $310.00
14498 SCA Adapter Set for Multi-functional Handgrip M Early August $385.00
14646 Finger Loop for Multi-functional Handgrip M, Size S Mid-August $160.00
14647 Finger Loop for Multi-functional Handgrip M, Size M Mid-August $160.00
14648 Finger Loop for Multi-functional Handgrip M, Size L Mid-August $160.00
14547 Ever-Ready Case M, with small front, black Mid-July $310.00
14548 Ever-Ready Case M, with large front, black Mid-July $390.00
14549 Ever-Ready Case M, with small front, cognac Mid-July $390.00
14550 Ever-Ready Case M, with large front, cognac Mid-July $390.00
14880 Camera protector M, black Mid-July $170.00
14881 Camera protector M, cognac Mid-July $170.00
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  • fjfjjj

    That finger loop for $160 is a steal. I am ordering a few extras to use as ponytail elastics.

  • Josh

    Leica, the accessories are useless without cameras to use them on. I suggest you focus all your staff on pumping out the M 240 cameras. Start training the X Vario workers how to build M 240’s. I honestly don’t think it could be that difficult building an M camera. Don’t hype up the hand assembled process. If it’s that difficult then build an assembly line since the demand for this camera took you guys by surprise and I’m sure it’s worth investing in one. Just my 2 cents.

    • fjfjjj

      If Leica didn’t have the “hype” of its extreme hand-craftsmanship, it would have to compete in the normal photographic equipment marketplace against Fujifilm et al. This would be a good thing IMO, but I don’t see it happening under Kaufman. The M will continue to be handmade in Germany and priced as a scarce luxury product.

  • Daryl

    Thanks admin, the information about availability is more scarce than the camera itself. Although availability can mean several things, is there any clarification on quantities…enough for most/all demand or a few will be released (limited quantities).

    • This information is coming directly from Leica. Availability will be limited for sure.

  • JoeCM

    Maybe this is already common knowledge but it would appear that as with the EVF the Microphone is also a rebadge of an Olympus product. Leica Microphone Adapter Set 14634 $285. Olympus Microphone Adapter Set SEMA-1 $55.

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