List of upcoming MS Optical lenses

MS Optical 50:1.13 Sonnetar lens

This is the lens of upcoming MS Optical lenses (re-releases and some new models) that will be released later this year and early 2014:

  • MS Optical 50/1.13 Sonnetar in black re-issue (Aug 2013, priced at Y109.000)
  • MS Optical 50/1.13 Sonnetar in black paint (priced at Y120.000)
  • MS Optical 50/1.13 Sonnetar in Leica Thread Mount (priced TBA)
  • MS Optical Super Triplet Perar 3.5/35 re-issue
  • MS Optical Super Triplet Perar 4/28 re-issue
  • MS Optical Super Triplet Perar 4.5/25 new issue
  • MS Optical Super Triplet Perar 4.5/21 new issue

Japanexposures via Tokyocamerastyle

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  • JM

    This is not new… a friend of mine already has the silver sonnetar 50/1.1. the same as the picture above!

    • fjfjjj

      As already stated, some are merely reissues.

      • outkasted

        you yourself are a lens designer i see 😉

  • Dino Brusco

    ??? which kind of lenses are they ? From which past do they come from ? I’ve never heard of such designs.

    • MJr

      No past. They’re basically home-made (or at least designed) by one really skilled person. So quite unique if you like that sort of thing.

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