Two videos shot with the Leica M Type 240 camera

Electric Coffee Company (FilmConvert Grade) from Edmond Terakopian on Vimeo.

The story of the Electric Coffee Company ( ) in Ealing, London; its refurbishment, its re-opening, its coffee and the importance of community and the individuality of shops and cafes.

Shot entirely on the Leica M (Type 240) using a Leica 28mm Summicron ASPH, 35mm Summilux ASPH FLE and 50mm Noctilux ASPH, with some shots using a Leica OUFRO macro adapter. Ambient audio recorded on the internal microphone and interview recorded on a Roland R26 using a Rode lavalier microphone. Edited using FCP X. Partially colour graded in "Color" by Neil Patience ( ). Final grading with FCP X and Film Convert. A Manfrotto 561BHDV video monopod was used for all shots apart from the interview, for which a Gitzo video tripod was used. I also used a Lee RF75 filter holder & hood, along with Lee ND filters.

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The second video was shot with Leica M and Noctilux lens:

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  • jon

    I guess it would have been better to see a video without these “FX” that give to the colors some greenish (interview) or redish (in the café) tons that is not very appealing to me.

  • dannybuoy

    I look at the video produced by the M and think… Shoddy. It’s not a feature I’ll be using very much when I get mine. The sound is pretty bad too. It’s a nice to have but for a video like this I’d definitely use a 5DII/III

  • art mooney

    Sorry, unsharp, pink skin colors, often to dark people – sorry, not the camera for video.

  • Mardock


    All this proves is that you don’t want to shoot video with a half-century old rangefinder camera.


  • Bharani Padmanabhan

    someone needs to tell the person who made the second video he/she needs to spell correctly. to see LIECA everywhere is downright embarrassing!

  • skinnfell

    Content aside, I can think of two reasons why the M240 disappoints.

    One is the lack of stabilization. Originally I had hopes that it would not be such a big deal, but it is. The monopod shots are waay too wiggly for comfort. As a tripod-only camera, the benefit of smallness will be negated.

    Second, is the penchant of leica photographers to shoot wide open. This becomes evident in this video where it seems the entire shot is out of focus. The paper-thin area of sharpness that can be had with a summilux lens wide open, just simply disappears in HD movie resolution.

    I have not shot a M240 in video mode so I cannot tell how it handles in regards to continous focus.

    I would like to see how leica will adress this in the future. In-camera stabilization? In-camera AF like the contax RX? Double XLR contacts for proper sound?

    All in all, I think the leica M should be a higly specialized STILL image camera just like it has always been. You know, “jack of all trades, master of none”.
    They got it SO right with the Monochrom – a daring and no-nonsense camera that really delivers what it promises.

    If I were Leica, I would make a specialized, dedicated video camera (think of Canon C300), perhaps with the same sensor to get some synergy effects, a camera with adapters to use leicas vast array of M, R, S, and cine lenses. Now that camera could have both a focusing and stabilizing sensor, but would be larger than a M of course.

    • Read the FAQ

      Skinnfell says: “Second, is the penchant of Leica photographers to shoot wide open. This becomes evident in this video where it seems the entire shot is out of focus.”

      It’s not only “Leica photographers” but a whole brigade of new image makers who have latched on to this narrow DOF style that we now see everywhere. It’s getting old and tired. And it’s all looking the same. The style and technique is all at the front, with content and context taking a back seat. It’s almost like the very early days of motion picture film when all that was being done was technical stuff to show off the new medium. It’s like that now with digital and all the available software. People are concentrated on what digital can do technically and aren’t paying attention to the content and context of their image making. And they end up just copying each other.

  • Bill

    This video looks like garbage. Glad I bought a 5D MkIII for that.

  • I actually like the first story. It’s a nice little feature. Makes me want to visit the Electric Coffee Company.

  • daimon xanthopoulos

    I have been shooting a short-film on the Leica M and I love it. The colors are amazing and the audio is better then any DSLR I have heard. Don’t forget about the great advantage a mechanical focus check has while filming. Also the evf is great and it just fits in your pocket. The entire production set was carried in a belt pouch which is something else than a 15kg camera and a external evf with hmdi cables and batteries and case full of lenses. Of course there are better cinema camera’s out their but they make video only and I’m a photographer. I just like the look of the video and the small production setting. As a photographer who works on a Leica M you don’t have to buy an extra DSLR camera’s and lenses to make a short online film or multimedia just use your M.

    The short film will be with english translation soon but just to give the community an idea of the camera video possibilities.
    the link:

    p.s. I know about the dust spots 😉 and they are being removed.

    • Daryl

      It’s nice to read to your comments on the M and the video is beautiful. Thank you for posting it.

  • Clint

    Looks my my ‘old’ Canon 5D2 with Magic Lantern FW would produce results at least as good as this. OH yeah…you can buy them used for $1400…no 1 year waiting list. Oh yeah…you also have access to lenses with IS. The M240 is awesome but I would never buy one to shoot video.

  • dusty

    i cancelled my type 240 order and got an m7, i couldnt be happier plus i already own a 5d mkii so i dont really need another….

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