New Leica C type 112 camera will most likely be announced this fall

Leica C type 112 camera
Leica C type 112 camera

A recent filing with the Taiwan National Communications Commission (NCC) reveals a new Leica C type 112 camera with built-in Wi-Fi capabilities. My guess is that the official announcement will be this fall (see this interview with Dr. Kaufmann where he confirms that new products will be announced in fall and next spring).

Via Digicame-info

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  • One More Thought

    Considering that the X-Vario is type 107, and this is type 112…and the M is type 240…do the type numbers mean anything with regards to price and standing in the lineup?

    So could we infer that this would be a model up from the XVario but of course not as much as the M?

  • AMJ

    It seems that the M series are type 2xx , the x series are type 1xx.

    • I would be interested in a Leica version of the Sony RX1 full frame camera with a Summilux lens.

      • MJr

        Lets not push it. A nice 35 Summicron would be great. Or wait .. let’s push it anyway, make it a 28 Summicron. 😉

        Though if it’s a 50mm then yeah it would be a huge success with a Summilux on it. They won’t though, they’re way too reserved to even consider anything out of the ordinary.

        Basically the rule is, if it’s not an M, it has got to be crap not to hurt the precious M. Like Canikon with their SLRs.

        If you’re hoping to see something daring or innovative, look at Sony / Fuji / Oly / Panny / Ricoh / Pentax, etc.

        In any case, lower your standards, expect the worst you can come up with, and maybe just maybe then they’ll surprise us.

        • I guess you are right, Leica will not release anything that can come close to the M system.

  • dannybuoy

    Oh shit, lets not start this again. After the X Vario fiasco (yes I was one thinking it would be an interchangeable style camera). That little blip on the Leica roadmap totally made me question if getting an M 240 was the right thing to do. It’s taken a lot of consideration and I’ve now placed a £500 deposit at a shop where I’m 3rd on the list. I don’t need any rumors and speculation at this point to give me buyers remorse before I’ve even received the dam thing! :-). I feel pretty confident now though that the M is the pinnacle (the S isn’t even a consideration) of the Leica lineup and anything else will be inferior to the M. I think I understand Leica a bit better now. After all they are a German company. The Germans are calm and considered and they know what they’re doing. I can’t however promise that I won’t list after a new Leica even when I do have my M. 🙂

  • Gary Ong

    I would think it is simply the effort at re-branding the product lines so they have may move towards a single alphabet representing each product – S, M, X, “C”

    They do have the C-lux range so perhaps they are dropping the lux and calling it the C. I am keen to see the new fixed prime APS-C that would re-establish the new “X” product line.


    Leica X2 but with a non P&S like lens when you power on the camera. A Leica X-Vario but a fixed focal length.

  • Anthony Flores

    After the hype and extreme disappointment of the XVario there’s nothing Leica can say that will excite me. We all want the “Mini M” with FF, EVF, fixed or IC, etc and it’s just not happening……. sad.

  • JoeCM

    The C designation might refer to a Compact p&s camera. I doubt Leica would make a camera with built-in wifi so it’s likely a rebadged Panasonic model. Maybe a replacement for the D-Lux 6 but using a new naming scheme.

  • camaman

    Hopefully not a C-mount camera! Lol!
    My hope: a GX7 Panasonic rebrand. Leica might want to hide behind a C type, not openly calling it m43. To rise above the plain folk.

  • Zeek

    I guarantee you it will be a rebadged panasonic dmc-LF1

  • IVS

    This is could be a rebranded Panasonic LF1.

  • MJr

    It’s amazing how a new Leica now doesn’t even really seem to spike any interest anymore. I guess they ‘cheated’ us badly last time.

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