New Leica boutique to open in Lund, Sweden


New Leica Boutique will open in Lund, Sweden. The grand opening will take place at Klostergatan 3 on August 15th between 13.00 -15.00.

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  • nickk

    Leica just opens loads of stores and in none of them is the M available…

    • Todd Davis

      I walked into Central Camera in Chicago last Friday and asked what the wait time was on the M. Turns out they had one, I left the store with it.

  • yup

    No store in Bucharest?

  • fjfjjj

    Sign in the background:


    Another piece of art valued at $100k? Oh, it’s just a couple of books of bad amateur self-portraits shot with $10k rangefinder rigs. Never mind.

    • Floyd Summerhayes

      Your Fuji paymasters store are where. Oh well never mind

      • fjfjjj

        My job is in finance. No relationship with Fuji.

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