New iOS and Android app released for Leica C remote control and Wi-Fi sharing

Leica C Image Shuttle app 2 Leica C Image Shuttle app 3 Leica C Image Shuttle app
Leica Camera AG released a new free smart phone app for iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Android devices that will allow remote control and image sharing for the Wi-Fi enabled Leica C camera:

"This application allows remote control of Leica digital cameras equipped with a Wi-Fi® function (like the Leica C) using a smartphone / tablet. The following functions are available: Remote control including a Live View picture of the camera on your smartphone or tablet, browse and display images saved to your card, control shooting and image settings, Up/download images between your camera and your control device.

Compatibility: The Leica C Image Shuttle App only supports the Leica C (Typ 112) compact digital camera."

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  • Anto de Chav

    This function should have been added to the S and M240,the new phase backs have this and it has its use’s.

    • camaman

      The real Leica is nowhere near company capable of developing this kind of modern things on its own and for their inhouse products.
      In house they are still a dinosaur company. Maybe when a younger investor buys it as a hobby he will have his geek buddies do things to Leica what thy always wanted…

      • Anto de Chav

        Still make amazing lenses though.. and adding this wifi function is really pretty easy.

      • NoMeJodas

        Actually I like the M system because of it’s simplicity and dedication to photography and I really hope that Leica keeps it that way in the future. I love how they added GPS to the optional multifunction grip of the M240 and NOT to the body itself and they even offer a second grip without electronics for people who don’t need it.

        The marketplace is already overfilled with feature-overloaded cameras. So it is nice to have at least one manufacturer that still treats a camera system as a high precision tool for photography and not as a mini-computer!

        So WIFI yes, but please put it in the multifunctional grip!

    • NoMeJodas

      Though I fully agree with you that WIFI has its uses (e.g. wireless tethered shooting in studio), I think that if they have added this to the M240, they would have pissed off a lot of their more conservative core customer base. Just look at how some reacted to the addition of LV and Movie to the M240, stamping the camera as “bloated” already.

  • hinting

    it is clearly the panasonic camera app.

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