New consumer Leica camera to be announced next week during the PDN PhotoPlus Expo in New York

Leica booth at PDN PhotoPlus Expo 2009

Leica booth at PDN PhotoPlus Expo

Photographicwanderings reports that Leica will announce a new compact/consumer camera during the PDN PhotoPlus Expo in New York next week:

"The company isn’t providing any further details at the moment, other than that Roland Wolff, vice president of marketing for Leica Camera USA, will make the announcement."

The announcement most likely will take place on October 24th.

Leica recently announced the C type 112 compact camera that has some design features from the latest M.

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  • hinting

    I wish it is about them joining Panasonic with m43 system again. A gx7 or gm1 will be nice. I am still dreaming.

  • Greger Pung

    So why don’t you buy a gx7 then? Is the Leica badge really that important to you?

    • hinting

      Greger, for leica to join m43 means better support and quality of the system. It has nothing to do with the badge, rather is better momentum to the system. I already brought a gx7. The gm1 clone is what I am looking for

  • George

    Would it not be nice, if they just delivered some of the product they announced last year, instead of announcing more product prototypes that might come out next year.

    • NoMeJodas

      Looks like the delivery situation of the M240 has improved dramatically, at least here in Germany. I ordered mine 4 weeks ago and my dealer told me last week that the expected delivery date is end of this month 🙂

      IMHO Leica is doing the right thing by not jeopardizing their QC just to rush out an unripe or defective product to the market like some of the other camera manufacturers do. And if I remember correctly their new factory will be opened next year.

      • George

        My apo 50 was on oder for almost a year, and I had to send it back to Germany for the flair issue, (factory recall). The loss of contrast when there was a bright background looked like a vintage uncoated triplet style lens. So much for quality control on the flagship lens. Or what about the loose strap lugs on the delivered M240. My friend got a monochrome with a bad rangefinder. Somebody in QC needs a good talking to about job security.

        • CKDexterHaven

          Same with me, and a new 50 Lux-ASPH. Softer than my $30 Jupiter-3. Clearly defective. It took two trips to Leica NJ, and then 4 months in Germany for them to recognize the problem, decide they couldn’t fix it, and then replace it. “Hand-built” and “QC” are not automatics with Leica. And, you never have to send a Canon or Nikon in for a CLA.

        • Simon

          What was wrong with your friend’s rangefinder? Bad calibration?

  • Dan

    I got this weird feeling it might be a full frame X. Fixed 35mm. Same X design. Just full framed this time around

    • NoMeJodas

      And if they accompany it with a real “Mini-M” in an M-P or even better, a Monochrome body (but with color sensor) and controls and put a fixed 35mm ‘lux or ‘cron in it and manage to price it reasonably, now that would be great!

      • NoMeJodas

        I meant of course the M9-P and not the MP

  • Rudl Roop

    Sounds like they are back to the Panasonic deal; re-pack old Lumix stuff. I am not impressed by Leica these days. It is pathetic to see how a premium brand is cheaping out on rebranding other’s stuff. Get back to being original and stay true to the course! Quality never goes out of style! Learn from Elon Musk; the Tesla is a phenomenal success. Learn from Steve Jobs… Leica has everything going for it.
    Why cheap out???

    • Topher

      Seriously? I’m an Apple fan too, but they will continue to head down the “cheap out” road as they try to penetrate emerging markets. Just look at the new iPhone lineup. I get your point, but I don’t see anything to worry about in their core M lenses and bodys. If they need to expand their audience, with some gateway cameras, them so be it. We will all benefit from them remaining a thriving company. Prost!

      • CKDexterHaven

        How is the iPhone 5c evidence of an Apple “cheap out” strategy? It’s, essentially, the same phone as the iPhone 5, but at a significantly reduced price. And, Apple designs and engineers its own products. Apple entering ‘low-end’ markets isn’t synonymous with compromise.

  • I assume “consumer” means “rebadged compact”, but I’m not sure what Panasonic model is left to rebadge. Any guesses?

    So, maybe the GM1 will be rebadged. That would be an interesting way to get into µ43. I doubt it, tho’; if that were the case, the rumor would have started sooner.

    • Dave01

      V-LUX 50?

    • Mistral75

      DMC-FZ70, announced in July?

      • Ah. Thanks for the reminder. Could be.

  • Luxfan

    On this one, I will WAIT for the announcement to see if anything meaningful, as the X-Vario was a huge disappointment for many, and the recent re-branded C wasn’t exactly exciting either. Leica’s new product quality reputation has also been mired in a slump ever since the M8 debacle. Then there is the exorbitant pricing…. Yet I remain a Leica fan, and hope they thrive if they get their act together. That might require some management changes at the top….

  • Nelson

    Leica M43 is coming next year, but i don’t think they will announce it so soon anyway

  • Billy Sun

    If they could change the cost of leicas in half. then i say amen! =)

  • george

    So what was announced???????

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