One of a kind custom white Leica M camera spotted in Japan

During the Robert Capa exhibition opening / 100th birthday party at the Leica Ginza Salon, Tokyocamerastyle spotted one of a kind custom white Leica M camera (with leather embossed with the Leica logo) and 50mm f1.4 Summilux lens. The photo was taken by Dr. Andreas Kaufmann from Leica.

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  • Leica for Fanboys

    Good thing there’s no more of this kind of rubbish.

  • DavidKKHansen

    Admin, you’re saying the photo that TokyoCameraStyle took was taken by Andreas Kaufmann from Leica? 😉

    Hideous camera by the way.

  • 103David

    Would be ashamed to be seen in public with this.
    Pay attention to commentary like this, Leica.
    Pay Attention.

    • J. Dennis Thomas

      Why would Leica need to pay attention to a comment about what is obviously a custom designed camera?

      Just because YOU don’t like doesn’t mean that whoever paid for it shouldn’t be allowed to have it or like it.

      What’s the point in complaining about a camera that you don’t have to own? It’s not like all of the sudden black M’s are going to disappear and all existing M’s will morph into this.

      • J. Pennis Thomas

        Leica love much? Foolish like your self.

        • J. Dennis Thomas

          Don’t bother replying with smart-ass comments if you’re too much of a pussy to use your real name.

          • J. Pennis Thomas

            Too bad you’re using your real photo. You look like a pussy.

          • J. Dennis Thomas

            You’d never say that to my face. Because you’re a scared little nerd hiding in your little room behind your little computer.

          • J. Pennis Thomas

            Also, you don’t need to hyphenate “smart ass”, smart ass.

          • J. Dennis Thomas

            Shows what you know. Smartass, smart-ass, and smart ass are all acceptable terms since it’s a colloquial phrase. I assume dumbass, dumb-ass, and dumb ass also fall under the same. Dumb-ass.

            And since you’re correcting things, you might want to check your original post. It’s “yourself”, not “your self”. That’s just a retard mistake there. Retard.

      • 103David

        Hey, J, never said someone shouldn’t own it if that’s what they want. You can have it with gold-plated mag wheels, flames painted along the sides and wearing Liberace’s toupe…but it’ll still be an embarrassment.
        Apparently you’ve not been paying attention to the ever quickening slide the Leica continue’s to suffer. From the pinnacle of serious photojournalism and documentary work, the Leica is now merely a rich person’s bauble, worn around the neck but rarely used. Priced out of the market that allowed it to be great it’d be the rare person who’d dare even take it out of the house.
        Any time we see blingarama like this it negatively impacts whatever credibility either the item itself has remaining…not to mention whoever is holding it.
        Frankly, J, I’m surprised this even needs to be explained to you.

        • J. Dennis Thomas

          Why do you care whether other people think your camera is “serious”? You think because Leica makes a custom color that all of a sudden they have no credibility? In whose eyes does this credibility lie? The camera could have pink unicorns on it, does that make it function any less like a Leica M? Nope.

          Any negative impact is all in your head. Normal people don’t give a crap about whether your camera is a Leica. If you’re so concerned about what other photographers think of your CAMERA you’re doing something wrong.

          It’s sounds like you’re a little tied up with the whole “camera as identity” issue. Buy a black one. Problem solved.

          As far as this “rich person’s bauble” theory, it’s complete and utter crap. EVERY person I know that shoots a Leica is NOT rich. They are photographers that know how to save money for a piece of equipment that they want. Every Leica photographer I know uses their cameras. They don’t baby them or treat them like jewelry.

          I have NEVER EVER seen a rich person with a Leica. EVER. Should I repeat that again?

          This “rich person’s camera” theory is only spouted by those who can’t figure out how to save enough money and to make the camera pay for itself. It’s an excuse to hate people that have what you covet

          I’m not rich. I bought a used M8 because I couldn’t afford the M9. Then I used that M8 to make money. I use the images in just about every article I write. I’ve used it to shoot every job that I can and I put some of that money that I made with the camera aside so I can buy the next Leica. I’m almost at the point where I have enough money to buy the M-E.

          So don’t cry about how they are rich people’s toys. Figure out how to pay for one, then make it work for you. Don’t worry about what other photographers think about the “credibility” of your camera.

          I’m surprised I need to explain THIS to you.

          • J. Pennis Thomas

            Yep, its confirmed, you’re an a-hole.

          • J. Dennis Thomas

            The real a-hole is the pussy that hides behind a fake profile.

            A cheap broke-ass who probably can’t afford a Leica so he trolls people who can.

          • 103David

            Can’t help but notice your emphasis on “NEVER” (lots of caps) seeing anyone (rich or poor) using a Leica.
            What could that observation possible mean? If you’ve ever seen anyone out there with a genuine Leica actually taking pictures anywhere from the SF Bay, to Beijing, to Panama, to Barcelona. to …wherever, it was probably me. (You should come over and say “Hi.”)
            But these days, I’m probably the only one actually using one.
            Because of that, Leica, the company, should be very afraid.
            And further because I use a Nikon to actually make a living.
            Is it a difficult leap for you to realize the point of my postings? Leica has completely moved out of the photographic arena and into luxery impedimentia. Leica is not a professional system anymore and is now merely running the marque into the ground.
            Congratulations on squandering your money on the M8, known as the cam Leica could not get right. I can just see showing up at a law firm to shoot the portraits of the new partners and having the Senior Partner call me up and ask why everyone in polyester is wearing a purple suit.
            To anyone with pretentions of professionalism, understand your client is hiring three things from you;
            –Your time…BE THERE WHERE AND WHEN.
            –Your expertise…AT LEAST LOOK LIKE YOU KNOW WHAT YOU”RE DOING. It works better if you actually do what you’re doing. Do your homework.
            –Your equipment…NO SHOWING UP WITH A POINT & SHOOT. Don’t assume your client is technically ignorent. Many, even most, will know what junk an M8 or a D100 is.
            (You know, I’ve consoled a suprising number of never-to-be business people that at least initially think any of the above is acceptable. Amazing.)
            here’s a tip or two;
            –Don’t show up with the same point & shoot that the Senior Partner has at home. And being as the Senior Partner is, in fact, a rich person, (s)he may very well know what a sucky POS the M8 was.
            –Don’t show up at my wedding with a white enamel Leica wearing Liberace’s toupe. Whatever your personal political/sexual/ethical/moral/religious stance is, my wedding is not your venue, it’s mine. So…
            –Don’t you be wearing Liberace’s toupe either. You’ll be asked to leave.
            And by the way, if you’ve got a 100 bucks to lose, I’ll bet I own way more Leicas than you do. All the lenses, too. Wanna’ bet? Add a zero on to that, if you want, but considering your financial straits, I’ll have to see the money up front. (Just funning you:)
            Good luck, and really, if you see me and my Leica anywhere in Asia or Antarctia next year, be sure and introduce yourself. I’ll look for the guy with the white Leica (still funning:)

          • J. Dennis Thomas

            Yeah. See, your problem is that you’re obviously one of the rich snobs that you bitch about.

            There’s really no point it arguing over your insecurities anymore so I’ll just let you go on feeling smug about all those Leicas that you (pretend to) own.

            The thing about the internet is that people like you can hide and pretend that they are whatever they want to be and say they own everything they wish they did.

            I could tell you about my Rolls Royce and private jet…

            If you were half as successful as you pretend to be you’d put your money where your mouth is.

          • 103David

            Except for a couple of things…I ain’t rich, just a bit older and more experienced. I’ve never wanted either a Rolls or a jet as I’ve never seen a personal use for either, but I’m glad to live in a world where they exist.
            As do impressionist paintings, exquisite pocket watches, Leica and Hasselblad cameras, and Colt Python revolvers.
            It would also seem that you’re the one ignoring the offer to put money where your mouth is. How ’bout that hundred buckaroo bet? Remember the offer to boost it to a grand?
            Let me know, poser, if you want to play.
            Somehow, I knew you wouldn’t.

          • J. Dennis Thomas

            You’re the poser. You’re some nameless troll on the inernet. I suppose you’ll email a photo of your extensive Leica collection and call it proof? Seriously, making bets on the internet as a way to try and prove yourself?

            You’re sure don’t act older or experienced. In reality you’re acting like a snotty 12 year old rich kid trying to impress someone you don’t even know with your vast Leica collection. The whole thing is pretty pathetic to tell the truth. Think about it.

            The thing is I’m not into dick measuring contests. I have my M8 and IIIf. Waiting on delivery of an M-E. I’m quite happy with my gear. I give 0 fü¢ks about how many cameras you own. You can denigrate my cameras all you want, but I do stellar work with them.

            If you really want to impress me show me your work, because when it comes down it, that’s the true measurement of a photographer Not how many Leicas they own.

            That being said, I’m done with this discussion with what appears to be a sad old man searching for approval on a CAMERA FORUM. Pitiful.

    • looh

      Must never heard of the name Kaufman bro?

      • 103David

        What’s Kaufman got to do with it? Still a butt ugly camera. Ugly and idiotic seems to be a universal, independent of otherwise brilliant design. The white Leica still looks like something on the dash of a 15 foot power boat on Lake Michigan a month ago.
        The bikini clad water skier looked a lot better.

        • L_girl

          You’re arguing for an opinion. Because you think it’s a butt ugly camera and idiotic is an opinion. Stop arguing like it’s a fact. Not exactly my choice of look either, I’d much prefer the Hermes but again, that’s my opinion and I don’t try to convince everybody that my opinion is the only way to think.

        • looh

          What Kaufman’s got to do with it: As the guy who led the boat for two decades, he has at least the privilege of making an ugly camera for his PERSONAL use.

          It’s not for sale; it does not have an outrageous price tag to rip anyone off. Even if you’d wanna get one, you can’t. Understand it as a custom job, of someone painted it white and fitted it with carbon-fiber leatherette at home. It does not have much to do with the entity “Leica” instead of the man “Kaufman”.

          So why’s so much hate toward “Leica” coming from you?

  • 103David

    These days I’m pretty sure there’s only a sole guy that comes in on maybe Thursday morning to check the Email over there at Leica. Maybe the main job of this guy is to collect the ever-shrinking pile of checks piled in front of the mail-slot by the door.
    Now if I were a major holder of Leica stock, it seems to me that I’d head over to that office and start kicking some major ass.

    • Cinekpol

      Leica isn’t listed on a stock market anymore. They bought themselves back into private.

    • Kaufmann *is* the majority shareholder of Leica, and he bought the company because he was passionate about its products, and he turned around its fortunes from near bankruptcy to the current success. He can have it painted any color he wants, it’s his company.

      As for Leica’s business prospects, they are booming, so much so they are moving into a sparkling new office/factory in Wetzlar. Whether it is as a seller of legitimate photographic instruments or Veblen goods can be debated, but the profitability of Leica Camera AG is a matter of fact, and is more than any camera maker other than Canon and Nikon (and possibly Sony) can claim.

  • Andy

    >The photo was taken by Dr. Andreas Kaufmann from Leica.
    Should read: “The camera is owned by Dr. Andreas Kaufmann from Leica.

    • This was not clear from the original post at TCS.

      • Kaoru

        Andy is right.

        This site is made by John Sypal, my friend.
        He taken many cameras, and upload this site.
        Me and my cameras were taken and uploaded, sometime.

  • fjfjjj

    Porcelain White, ugly choice. I much prefer Calcium White, Natural White, and Commode White. I have a custom Leica M “Model 240W” in each of these colors. They take amazing pictures!!

    • Satureyes

      I am much more partial to ‘hearing-aid beige’ as my colour or choice for my Leicas.

  • Joezz

    Stupid! Like the creme and light-colored leather car seats – gets dirty in a minute. (If you use it ;o))) And it´s ugly too.

  • Daryl

    Amusing what a little paint will elicit!!

    • 103David

      A little paint? Try painting a swastka on one and see what happens.

      • Daryl

        Irrationally extreme. We are talking cameras. What were you thinking when posting this? ?????

        • 103David

          How extreme? 2 cents worth of paint for a swastika on a Leica in Germany today right now gets you arrested and possibly jail time.
          Maybe I’m wrong. How ’bout you try it and see how it goes?
          Report back and let us know.

          • zevobh

            oh, now I get what this has to do with this camera.

  • CanonNikonSony

    People still buy these cameras? Wow, that’s more than amazing. Snore.

  • Les

    I love it when people get all offended about a one-off Leica surface finish!

    They act like they should be personally consulted on each and every camera that leaves the factory, even though they live in their Mom’s basement and have Dorito stains on their T shirts.
    People with jobs and real lives don’t call each other absurd names on obscure web forums.

    This shows the incredible strength of the Leica brand. Even those who will never buy their cameras feel a pride of ownership.

  • Mikko Moilanen

    A great looking camera. I have M9 and 50mm Summilux, I love them, an awesome combination.

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