Stolen: half a million dollars worth of Leica movie lenses

$500,000 worth of Leica Summilux C cinema lenses were stolen from a movie set in Los Angeles. Here are the lens serial numbers:

18mm CW-0001347 21mm CW-0001538
25mm CW-0001552 35mm CW-0001657
40mm CW-0001645 50mm CW-0001435
75mm CW-0001487 100mm CW-0001506
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  • Bob

    Hmmmm….. there goes any chance for beautiful movies for 2014. Guess it’s back to that old crappy shit glass.

  • Eblis

    And welcome back crappy videotapes!

    8 lenses 500 000$!
    For that price I think I’ll begin to torture the set team bu cutting some fingers!

  • Suwat p.

    สุดยอด. หัวขโมย 555555+++++

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