Silver Leica M 240 camera now in stock

A silver Leica M 240 camera is currently in stock at the Leica Store in Miami. The availability and pricing on eBay is also getting more reasonable. The silver M 240 is listed as "temporarily out of stock" on Amazon, which is also an indication that they will be getting a new shipment soon.

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  • Frank

    No thanks. $7k for such a small sensor, I’ll keep my 645D at the same price with lenses at 1/10th the price, and image quality at least 4 times better. Yes, I do realize that they’re not the same class of cameras, smaller, yada, yada, yada…

    • Neopulse

      I’m for the 645D believe it or not. I’m hoping their next one comes out with the 50MP (1.1 crop) sensor that they have stored away, but open to look at (can’t remember the model number of the Kodak, but it’s there). I guess this camera is for people who already own Leica lenses and want to get in touch more with something more digital or slightly more automated. And also gives a different look the sensor compared to the previous M series.

    • Simon

      Everyone here is open to all sorts of opinions including that Leica M is overpriced or not worth it but making claims of image quality “at least 4 times better” using lenses “at 1/10th the price” without supporting evidence doesn’t enhance your case.

      If you care to provide such evidence from your 645D and cheap lens then by all means, I’d love to see. Do you have access to an M and expensive M lens you can use for comparison?

      I don’t deny that a 40 MP medium-format sensor can do (perhaps much) better, but the question is whether you can achieve such a significantly better result using a much cheaper lens as is claimed.

      Also, there’s nothing wrong with liking the portability and styling of the M system, even though it comes at a premium. I put it that ordinary people (not models) are more relaxed and happy posing for an M than much bigger and uglier DSLRs.

      Sure if you’re a studio photographer then medium-format is the way to go, but the M is targeted at well-to-do amateurs who what to use it to capture unplanned, real life situations.

      • NoMeJodas


      • frank

        Simon, less expensive doesn’t necessarily equate to being “cheap” as you stated. Although, I’ll admit it’s unfair for me to compare the used price of one item to the new price of another. However, I feel justified because the availability of used 645 lenses are in many cases better than Leica’s. Go on and do a search for 645D and another for Leica M, and you’ll see the image quality for yourself. Or, go to and compare the analysis of a $100 Nikon 50 f/1.8 to that of $3,000 50 f/2 Summilux. The results from the Nikon are superior. However, that’s on paper and real world results could prove just the opposite.

        • NoMeJodas

          “go to and compare the analysis of a..”

          How could you miss this note that keep posting everywhere?: “Please note that the tests results are not comparable across the different test systems!”

    • NoMeJodas

      So how does your 645D compare to this small sensor at high ISO?

      • Frank

        The M would eat the 645D for lunch at high ISOs beyond 1600 as that’s the top end of the Pentax. If that’s too restricting, then obviously a different tool is required for those situations. In the end it’s all about having the right tool for the right job. And if the M allows one to express their vision better than anything else, then that’s what that photographer should be using.

  • Roger

    I wonder if this is because the sony a7/r is taking sales away from the Leica M?

    • MJr

      Lots of preorders getting cancelled i imagine. Waiting for so long that will make the A7(r) hard to resist pretty soon, even if isn’t really the same. You’ll take it just to be done with it. Really it’s a bargain in comparison anyway.

      • Kynikos

        How good is the M-glass on A7+adapter?

        • CHD

          35mm and longer is as good or better on an A7R than an M.

          • Kynikos


    • awdegg

      I highly doubt that. More people order the black version of the camera, I would say by even as much as three-fold. So since there are less orders for the silver, it becomes available first. If suddenly black AND silver cameras became available EVERYWHERE, then maybe there could be a claim to people canceling their orders en masse.

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