Leica X2 Tokyo Station Marunouchi Building limited edition camera

A new Tokyo Station Marunouchi Building limited edition Leica X2 camera was announced in Japan to commemorate the first anniversary of the Daimaru Leica Boutique. Only 10 cameras will be produced in different colors. The price is ¥289,000 (around $2,700). The engraving on top is the Tokyo Station Marunouchi building:

Tokyo Station Marunouchi building





More information is available at TokyoCameraStyle, Leica Japan and DC.Watch.

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  • dgr

    and people still complain about the price of the Nikon Df and Leica gets away with a $3K P&S.

    • Les

      You are right. Nikon should make only 10 Dfs, like Leica is doing for this special edition X2. That way people wouldn’t complain about the price.

      • dgr

        and what about the non-special edition versions? At least with the Df we get a full frame camera, not a P&S.

        • Les

          The regular X2 is $2,000. It’s a lot of money, but I doubt that anybody spends their last dollar on an X2.
          It’s a beautiful luxury product, like the Df. Unlike the Df, it is small, and there’s something to be said for that. The camera that you have with you is always better than the one you leave at home.

          • Curly Howard

            Yes, and the fact that a group of 6 can easily drop $2000 on a sushi meal & cockktails in Tokyo, it’s quite a good deal…you get to keep the camera and re-use it over and over, while the sushi ends up a $2000 swirl the next morning.

          • mooh

            Tokyo has a lot more to offer other than Roppongi,..

  • fjfjjj

    The brown one reminds me of the bathrooms in the Marunouchi Building.

  • Mistral75

    This is an old piece of news: October 8th, 2013 😉

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