New: “Work your Leica M” e-book

There is a new "Work your Leica M" ebook on blurb. Here are few words from the author Joeri van der Kloet:

When I switched my DSLR for a shiny black M9, a few years ago, I knew I would have to start learning photography all over again. I spent hours, days and weeks training on my focussing skills and the first moment I felt more or less confident enough, I took it to one of my weddings.

Being a documentary wedding photographer, I need to nail the action. I don’t stage any settings and only take images of real moments. That means I need to be able to focus very, very fast. Working with available light only, I use my lenses wide open most of the time, so that means focussing needs to be accurate as well.

I have developed a method for myself to force myself to keep training focussing. In winter, when I don’t shoot many weddings, I know from experience that my skills will degrade, if I don’t practice enough. I started training other Leica users, using my own method in my one-on-one workshops. I was surprised how well it worked. Most people know they need to train focussing, but apparently they don’t know how to train. Some skills are never developed properly, because photographers think some methods are too hard to even try.

In ‘Work Your Leica M’ I’ve covered the essentials of focussing, plus a lot more. Using the viewfinder patch, hyperfocal settings, or focus pulling, the photographer can get an accurate and fast focus in different circumstances. With 14 simple and effective exercises the speed and accuracy of your focus will improve significantly. All you need is ten minutes a day for a few weeks and a little effort. Most of the tutorial is devoted to using the rangefinder patch and focus pulling. While focus pulling is very hard, even a slight increase in this skill will make you a much better photographer.

A basic knowledge of photography and the rangefinder is required. You need to know how shutter time, aperture and ISO relate to each other. You need to know what depth of field is and how it relates to aperture, your distance from your subject and your lens.

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  • Don

    I purchased this book and it’s really great. Not so much revolutionary but a good collection of common sense and exercises to get better and better. I’d recommend it to anyone looking to improve their rangefinder focusing skills.

  • NomiS

    Looks very interesting, I just would like to have had a few select pages as a preview. It would have given me a bit more confidence before spending the US $22.47.

    • Joeri


      Blurb doesn’t offer the option to manually select the pages I’d like to present as a preview. It’s either the first 30% or nothing at all. Since I didn’t want to give away a third of my book, I chose not to use preview. Otherwise, I sure would have.

    • Joeri

      After many requests: a sneak preview:

  • joe

    Just use your camera and don’t just put it in a showcase, that’s the secrect here.

    • Vincent

      Sorry Joe, I cannot agree with you. See my comment above yours…

  • Vincent

    Joeri is a briljant photographer (just check out his posts on Steff Huff Photo or his own site and his work is a true testament for using the rangefinder camera as a tool for capturing precious moments in life but in a very low key way. In order to be able to do that, just getting some mileage with your camera is not enough. You really have to practice with your camera, especially with focusing. Here’s where ‘Work Your Leica M’ really shines. I truly can recommend this book to anyone; whether you are a novice, intermediate or expert.

  • Dolf

    Love the practical set-up of this
    tutorial! It is clearly written, with a lot of fun exercises which really made
    me experience the camera a lot better. Hopefully I will end up with the same documentary
    skills as Joeri (see also his own site

  • Leica_dude83

    Joeri proves not to be just a great photographer, but a very good instructor
    as well 🙂 keep up the good work. like your style 😉

  • Rory

    22 dollars is too much for a 44 page book. Sorry. Would buy at 10.

    • Patrick

      Hello Rory, I’ve purchased a hard copy, as I like that better than reading an E-book on my crap smart phone. The hard copy is about 53 dollars (incl shipping costs to the Netherlands), and is definitely worth it. I’m thinking: ‘If I can afford a M9 + 2 lenses, I can definitely afford a few pennies on a good tutorial…!” Have a re-think?!

      • Dino Brusco

        where did you get it? Blurb apparently has only the ebook.. may you link the related webpage pls ?

        • Joeri

          Hi Dino,
          The hardcopy is available on request. On my website you’ll find my contact details. Just let me know if you’re interested.

          • Dino Brusco

            Done, sent you an email. Best regards.

  • Frank

    Although I’m not a rangefinder newbie, I already learned new stuff from this tutorial. I’ll be busy with the exercises for the next few weeks!

  • Dino Brusco

    i hope a simple .pdf or printed version will be available for purchasing

  • out of the 44 pages, more than half are images. If you also exclude the introduction + the 2 pages pictures i think you get about 20 pages of info. As for Joery being a brilliant photographer, i like most of his wedding photos but most of the documentary part did not appeal to me. I am not a pro btw.

    • Joeri

      well, the book IS about photography, isn’t it? Of course, you may like the pictures or not…
      If you do all the exercises in the way you’re supposed to do, you’ll be busy enough for a few weeks. And if you want more, just let me know.

      • Hi Joeri, do not get me wrong the book IS good and the exercises will probably keep me busier than you estimated. I just wish the book had a bit more content.

  • Leica Man

    4 sections on using:

    1. The rangefinder patch
    2. Pre-focussing
    3. Zone-focusing
    4. Focus pulling

    I use all of them except #4.

    He includes exercises to increase speed and focusing by using muscle memory.
    Having trained in karate for 10+ years, I am a big believer in repeated practice for techniques to become second nature, so maybe he is onto something…

    Is it worth the price of admission?
    You are talking $22 for someone who spent at least $10K on a Leica.
    Enough said 🙂

  • raddadd

    Focus by feel would be greatly simplified if both leica and Voigtländer would have the same”pitch” in focus travel.: All the way to “right” would be infinity, in the middle the focus would be about 4 metres, all the way to left would be the closest, about one metre. then focus by feel, not even looking thru the finder would be same with all the different lenses.

  • rafikiphoto

    Why only iBook format? Rather silly to exclude all of us non-Apple supporting photographers from buying this book.

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