Leica M8 camera teardown

Leica M8 camera teardown
Here are few images of a Leica M8 camera teardown. If you are interested in doing something similar, you can purchase this broken Leica M8 camera for "only" $965:

Additional images:

Leica M8 camera teardown 2
Leica M8 camera teardown 3
Via Imaging-resource

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  • mark luzzi

    I can buy a New Olympus OMD -em-5 for less than a broken non functioning Leica camera that is nothing more than a PAPERWEIGHT.

    • m241

      I can buy *THREE* Sony NEX-3N’s for less than your one OM-D. And each of those have a sensor twice the size of the OM-D. That’s like 6x sensors for less money. This means OM-D is only for crazy people!

      • Home Skillet

        I can buy 20 old film slr’s with great mf lenses off ebay for the price of your three nex3, sell half the lenses, and then buy your 3 nex’s with the profit.

      • mark luzzi

        Who cares!!! The OMD is better. PIXEL PEEPER

  • EJPB

    It would have given a lot more satisfaction to drive a bulldozer over this 3000 years outdated 10MP M8 and sell the remaining pieces as an art object. A small remembrance for the fact that only the metal and glass is something where Leica has truly grip on, not on the aging of the electronic circuits.

    • mark luzzi

      They still are asking 1,800 for these cameras.The m8 was so so at best when it came out.Its crap compared to whats out there now.

  • fjfjjj

    Ribbon cables?! Stop it! I can’t fetishize those!

  • Filmsoupnazi

    So that’s how you load the film on the M8!

  • 103David

    Oh, boy. What passes for Leica humor. It’s like SNL, not funny since 1979.

  • Bryan Campbell

    The M8 is not crap. ISO 160 still looks better at 10 megapixels than the latest CMOS does at ISO 100 or ISO 200. Black & White images from the camera still look 2nd only to the M Monochrom or tied with the M9. I still prefer the bite and sharpness out of this camera to any CMOS sensor I’ve seen. Sure it is slow, the dynamic range isn’t great, and the ISO above 640 is terrible but I would still love mine along with the M9.

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