New book from Erwin Puts: Leica Practicum

Leica Practicum book by Erwin PutsErwin Puts is working on a new 500 pages book called Leica Practicum that will start shipping in April and will be priced around EUR65 (incl. shipping). His books are usually limited editions and are hard to find which also drives the price up (see the current listing on Amazon US, Amazon DE and eBay). From his blog post:

"As you can glean from the content overview below, the book covers much new ground, that has never been discussed in the Leica world and almost never in the general world of photography. I am convinced that this information is necessary for a true assessment of the state and future of Leica photography and its practice. Theories of Photography are a theme that is hardly ever discussed in the Leica world, even when many Leica photographers have made comments about this topic. In this book I discuss the typical style of Leica rangefinder photography (snapshots, street photography and documentary photography) and analyze the characteristics and limits of this style. I discuss some guidelines for a genuine theory and philosophy of Leica photography that is applicable for analog and digital photography."

You can see the table of content here.

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  • curious camera

    Why are his Leica books so special? Is he a Leica engineer?

    • Hoppy

      Because it’s “limited edition”. Ironically, according to his blog, it will be available April 1, 2014.

      • John

        It says early April, not 1st April!

    • Jeremy Allen

      Because it has a lot of technical data in one reference book. Not as important this day in age, but you can invest in his books and make money since there are so few of them. I have one and it’s now worth twice what I paid him for it.

      • delusion detector

        So 50 years later you get $10 instead of $5. Nice…

        • Jeremy Allen

          You didn’t look at the prices did you. These books go for several hundred dollars in the used market.

          • M43

            Several hundred? Peanuts for a Leica shooter. That Puts guy really is a smart arse.

    • MikeMoss

      Engineers are smart, but artists are smarter.

  • Leicafish

    Wow, another close encounter of the third kind. Somebody from outer space coming all the way to earth to introduce mankind to the Leica universe. Finally somebody that can tell us how to operate this complicated, ultra-advanced piece of machinery. Maybe we’ll understand better now the sacral secret why all Leica pictures have a different white balance. Though… I’m a bit afraid it was written in a language that needs some special extra wisdom, maybe even part of it is in latin, the word ‘practicum’ alone lets me shiver…!

    • MikeMoss

      If you’re already having a hard time with “practicum,” then “counterfactual” in the TOC must really be confusing the crap out of you…

  • Daryl

    These books are a wealth of knowledge and serve as a valuable reference. I read Erwin and Lloyd Chambers before any purhcase, the money invested in the book saves the hassle of purchasing items that don’t meet my needs.

    • seen it before

      Your 15 year old dog with lyme disease or your cat with FIV must be grateful that you did.

      • Daryl

        Alas, my poor dog and cat are no longer with me, very sad. If they were the camera would be clicking.

  • Mr Moe

    How come you photo guys are do bitter at pretty much everything and anything?
    Grumpy old men is what you sound like.

    • SiO

      Yeah, so much bitterness. Maybe they should write a book to get it out of their system ;o)

  • paah

    So he does take pictures…

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