Leica M Monochrom on The Daily Show

Just a brief Leica M Monochrom appearance on The Daily Show.

Update: Jeff Garlin did it today also on the Today Show - he had his Leica M Monochrom with him and he briefly talked about it. Clever product placement or just a guy who loves his Leica gear?

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  • mikeswitz

    A very strange thing. Why would Jeff Garlin shill for Leica? I saw that last night and was baffled. there are any number of Actor/Photographers. I mean they are good enough to have gallery showings. Leonard Nimoy, Roddy McDowell and Dennis Hooper come to mind. But Jeff Garlin?
    Admin, do you think Leica gave him a M Monochrome just to carry it onto the Daily Show and if so who in the audience is going to go, “oh Jeff Garlin has a black and white digital camera, I better get on, too!”

    • Hard to say. I tried to Google him but I could not find any reference that he is interested in photography.

      • howard

        you did? ‘jeff garlin leica’. . shows a few things right away.

      • Jeff

        If you watch the video you posted, you’ll find that he was Executive Producer on the Finding Vivian Maier film. So clearly he has an interest in photography.

      • broxibear
      • DouglasGottlieb

        Jeff Garlin talks about his love of photography with Larry David on the first episode of his podcast, “By the Way,” which, by the way, is very funny.

    • Sean Cranor

      No shill here. Jeff is just a major Leica fan and a very serious photographer. Leica had nothing to do with him taking his camera on the show.

      • mikeswitz

        So i found out…thanks

  • mikeswitz

    Who knew. Clearly not me:

    DAY THREE started with my presentation of the history of street photography, the masters, contemporary and the basics of street photography. And yes, I squeezed in a little shameless self promotion. 🙂 Jeff Garlin, the comedian/actor of Curb Your Enthusiasm fame, popped in early to listen to my presentation. Which he told me he liked by the way. After my schtick, the true highlight of the day was when he did a “street photographer’s” stand-up routine for about 30 minutes. Everyone laughed their heads off. To all those who don’t know, Jeff is a huge street photography and a Leica fanatic. He is also a street photographer himself but is too shy to show his work. Hopefully he’ll reveal his art one day. But for now, he is the producer of the Vivian Maier documentary which John Maloof will direct.

  • joe

    oh god, it’s like a louis vuitton men’s bag in here. i often find it pretty strange, if he had a cheap p&s or a huge nikon people would call him insane and now they are all wow him, because of the MM.

  • sperdynamite

    I wonder if they stopped using Seal as a “Leica Ambassador” because he’s such a fucking dickhead to people.

  • CRB

    only available for US (the video)..too bad..you do have readers outside US…

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