Leica X2 Paper Skin Fedrigoni limited edition

Leica X2 Paper Skin Fedrigoni limited edition 5
Leica X2 Paper Skin Fedrigoni limited edition 10

New X2 limited edition from Leica: instead of the the traditional leather band, the Paper Skin Fedrigoni camera has special paper called "Constellation Jade" (watch the embedded video for more details). Only 25 pieces will be produced. The price is not yet announced.

Additional images:

More information can be found here and here.

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  • sickofleica

    at least this time leica doesn’t pretend that the camera is only for show.

    • Vulkanitwit

      Go home. They’re all sold.

      • Simon

        Huh? How much was it?

        • vulkanitwit

          That’s the point with Leica special editions. The price demonstrates and proves nothing. It truly is unimportant and not worth knowing, unless you think the price of your possessions means something these days. That just plays into the Leica jewelry thing. 25? They’ll all be spoken for. Look at history. If this paper becomes something like an a la carte option, well, then you’re on to something.

    • Paddy

      And your point is,…? Oh, I get it, you were just trolling. Clever.

      • sickofleica

        If it’s not obvious enough, my point is this dinosaur company is living on past glories and milking on gullible customers (always new fools in the market) on limited edition crap rather than releasing a camera that is meaningful (in terms of improvements in technology, etc.).

        To answer an earlier… of course it’s sold out. There’s only 25 of them. Besides, take Leica’s “sold out” with a pinch of salt. All over Asia (in HK, Singapore, Indonesia) these sold out limited editions are miraculously available for sale

        • vulkanitwit

          Show me a *single* camera company that doesn’t trumpet its past successes. I dare you.

          You don’t limit your concept of “meaningful” to improvements in technology, do you? If you look a bit at the philosophy of marketing instead of just Econ-101 you’d see that Canikonugi serves as Leica’s R&D Department. The big names are in a fight over an ever decreasing market and margins. They’re not at the levels of your typical grocery store, or even big box retail, but the dynamic is in place. Let one come out with some marginal “improvement” and the forums are full of once “loyal” fans willing to dump entire lens inventories and move across the isle to the other side.

          Leica is where it is in part because of its own past decisions but it has learned much from those dark years. I suspect their business plan is a bit too subtle for you, and most others. And yes, many of the specials show up again. Not for sale, mind you, but for re-sale, which doesn’t help Leica one bit directly. And since the prices are generally trending up (often a lot) the indirect benefits to Leica are just what they should be.

          If you’re happy with an endless stream of new stuff at a rapid pace then the big boys are a good place to be. They make very expensive, beautiful equipment with capabilities far, far beyond the skills and desires of most of their users; just like Leica does. The big boys, too, are a choice in the marketplace.

          • zev hoover

            no time to read your whole post, but to answer your first paragraph…


  • I love the idea. The only problem I have is the limited edition status. I would like this option permanently available. I’d prefer this over leather.

  • Simon

    I wonder if this paper marks easily. I’m guessing it has a coating to prevent that.

    • fjfjjj

      Yes, it’s coated. It’s also not made from woodpulp.

      • Embossed papers and boards, FSC certified. Made with ECF pulp. One side coated with special pearly-effect pigments and then off-machine embossed. High strength. Substances 215 and 300 g. are wet laminated in the formation stage.


        It’s wood pulp. Chlorine free and FSC (Forest Stewardship Coucil), meaning it’s environmentally friendly and comes from sustainable forests. The coating should be durable, though if someone used that camera quite often, eventually it would collect skin oils. Of course it would be easy enough to get the paper and re-skin, if needed, or just create your own version.


        • fjfjjj
          • It’s very conflicting and confusing. There are cotton, plant based, and synthetic papers on the market. However, the only way to be FSC certified for a particular paper is when it comes from a sustainable forest. In other words, a cotton based paper would not get FSC certification.


            I worked as a print designer prior to focusing on photography as my profession, and I still have a ton of samples, though none specifically from Fedrigoni. If Fedrigoni are claiming FSC certification for this paper, and it’s not a wood based paper, then they are not properly using the FSC logo. If it was cotton, then they should state that, and the same goes if it was synthetic.


            “Fedrigoni paper mills only buy pulp from forests adhering to FSC ® certification model. Today we can say that 90% of the paper produced by Fedrigoni is FSC certified (CoC / Controlled Wood). The
            auxiliary materials, such as mineral fillers, coloring substances and
            binders, which are needed for certain productions, are carefully
            chosen to favor the solutions that ensure the lower environmental
            impact: before, during and after their use.”

  • Absolutely brilliant packaging design. I could see this winning some awards. Shame this is a limited edition.

    • binotto

      I agree!

    • fjfjjj

      Can you buy some “Constellation Jade” yourself.

      • If you work as a creative professional, check with a local printer or paper company, and see if they can get you a sample. There are comparable papers on the market, so you could also find a way to make a custom skinned version to personalize your camera.

  • see4eye

    I want my re-skinned now!

  • see4eye

    I want my re-skinned now!

  • realistic

    what a load of rubbish. Really? Leica is 99% fashion 1% functional. Every time I see an attempt to make a mediocre machine seem exotic I just want to laugh. I don;t know what is more laughable. Leica and their snake oil or the consumers who follow blindly.

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