Leica SCA adapter set for multifunctional handgrip M is now shipping

The Leica Store Miami has the Leica SCA adapter set in stock for the multifunctional handgrip M (currently also in stock at Amazon). Some additional pictures of the adapter set with a Leica M camera and SF58 flash ($629):


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  • Money To Burn

    Cool. $1,909.00 for a handle with EXIF embedded GPS, a USB port and SCA terminal and sync socket, an adapter plate for the SCA, a sync cord, and a genuine re-branded Metz 58 flash.

    • fjfjjj

      They could at least design a new housing for the flash, to make it match the M design. Metz “Lunar” edition.

  • Aside from an empty wallet, let’s see some results of a setup like this.

  • Dan

    That is a useless position for a flash

  • Clint

    If I needed this setup I would shoot my DSLR.

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