New Leica MP and X2 olive limited edition cameras

Leica-MP-olive-limited-edition-camera Leica-X2-olive-limited-edition-camera
New Leica MP Olive and X2 Olive limited edition cameras were announced in Japan to commemorate the opening of the Kyoto Leica store. Sale will start on April 1st. Additional details:

The Leica MP Olive set will come with a leather strap and Summilux-M f1.4/35mm lens. Only 100 sets will be produced. The price will be 1.71 million yen (around $16,500).

Leica X2 Olive  limited edition model will be priced at 290k yen (around $2,800). Only 50 cameras will be produced.

Via DC.Watch

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    Oh LEICA why do you do this to me??? You know I love you but I can’t afford you, and then you go making yourself GREEN, my favourite colour. Oh LEICA, you knew that, didn’t you?

    So… who wants to make a donation to my GREEN LEICA FUND?

  • vulkanitwit

    The good Doktor saw how fabulous my a la carte panda MP looked but is too proud to copy it verbatim. Glad to help. 🙂

  • ATP

    50 years from now the x2 will be a garbage or recycled and the MP will be a million-dollar collectible. Film will never die!

  • Adrian G.

    Is good to see that they still making film cameras.

  • regular

    I was waiting for a Leica MP limited edition, but not this one.
    Olive is the color of the military goods.

  • MJr

    Most awesome color in the world for a Leica body !

    I wonder how a Fuji X100 would look with this color and texture. 😀

  • Mardock

    So it’s NOT an April Fool’s joke, then.

    • Brian Griffin

      no wrong answer to that one.

  • Charlie

    While we’re on the subject, just WHAT color is the G-Star Sexy Denim Raw D-Lux model anyway? Green, gray, gray-green, olive drab, Ghurka… Even the photos of it don’t seem to agree.

  • $16,500 for the MP is actually quite a good price. Collectors edition of a great camera + an excellent lens. That camera will only increase in value.

  • hexx

    looking at how many colours are there in AdobeRGB space – endless possibilities for limited editions…

  • Simon

    It looks like the M 8.2 Safari edition. Both are reminiscent of early olive army models.

    It’s good to see the tradition of this colour living on.

  • Clint

    Perfect for the poser with the canvas ‘photo vest’.

  • David

    I personally like the special-edition cameras and own a couple myself. Everyone has their aesthetic preferences. For this version, my only questions is how well does the 35mm FLE really work with a film body? I know it is designed for the digital M so the contrast is very high.

    • guest

      I know nothing about the FLE, but the hammertone LHSA body is very sweet. They’re practically giving those away on Ebay these days, right? 🙂

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