Leica Store Burlington opening reception (video)

The Leica Store Burlington held its opening reception on February 26, 2014. The above video was filmed on the Leica M by AMG Visuals.

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  • Leica has become a parody

    I’ve used Leica cameras since I was a teenager (my first camera was a borrowed M3 from a friend of my father’s.) I still use and own Leica M film cameras (I sold my M9 after the electronics went screwy and then the sensor cracked.) There was once a group of struggling artists and photojournalists who used the Leica (and a mixed bag of lenses, not just Leitz lenses) because of its size and nimbleness, etc.. But watching this video makes my stomach turn.

    • Leon Roy

      The whole photography market has changed significantly since you were a teen. Leica is one of the very few camera manufacturer’s actually making any money.

      The Leica of yesteryear would not be around in today’s market, in fact they nearly went bankrupt prior to targeting the luxury goods market.

      Impoverished artists and photojournalists have moved on, Leica did the same.

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