Leica X Vario $500 price drop

You don't often see a price drop on Leica gear, but today the X Vario camera is selling for $500 less.

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  • Dave Lozier

    Yes, I just bought one and wondered if I inadvertently were ordering a reconditioned one. Hoping I didn’t make a mistake buying it if they are trying to unload them. Wondering if I should have gone with an M.

    • James Donahue

      Nope it is an amazing camera. Enjoy

    • Simon

      Compared to the price of X2 and M, this is now a pretty good buy in my opinion.

  • Peter

    Good thing but doesn’t help much. This camera should really price under 1k range for 2014

    • MJr

      And the lens should have been a constant F4. 🙂

  • MoneyLaundering

    This is no status symbol, unlike the Ms. Given that, who is going to pay that absurd price? Have they sold more than 5? There must be some money laundering going on there.

  • Non.S

    It seems that hey are just making some space in their pricing matrix for their new model TBA soon.

  • Carlos

    this is a good camera. it allows you to take excellent photos. the slower lens is well covered by a higher iso capability. you now can save money on used or reduced new camers. if you like fujilympuscohnikanony more, get them instead.
    if you want the X as a system wait until photokina (fall 2014) when the first new TBA leica, based on the X will be available. an adapter will allow you to add almost all DX/APS-C and FX/FF glass from anybody else’s DSLR range, maybe even mirrorless like M or CZ-X/NEX.
    with some luck we might get some more speed or video into the TBA cam.
    have a nice weekend

    • Unic

      You mean a higher ISO capability of 1600? Not nearly enough in a camera with such a slow lens.

      Of course Leica is dropping the price. Nobody with any brains is buying this underspecified bit of kit.

  • waterengineer

    In addition to the price drop, which is not enough BTW, did they install a eye level viewfinder yet? That is what this camera should really have.

  • James Donahue

    Had a chance to handle on of these at Memphis Photo in Memphis TN and it is an amazing piece of equipment and if I had the bucks it would be in my hands permanently.

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